Month: April 2008

How kids know who’s fake: Source of troubled youth

Some people say that the posts here are out of touch with most people – and they’re right. Of all the people on the web, very few are looking for healing or enlightenment. Most people are just looking for a

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Ball lightning, Orbs, and Vacuum Domains

I’ve been playing Sherlock again. I like to make connections between different ideas and the post entitled, ORBS: ARE THEY A PSYCHOENERGETIC PHENOMENON? got my creative juices flowing.This is actually an extract from one of Dr. William Tiller’s papers, who

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Give Good Feelings for Mother’s Day

Are you inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth? Then you’ll love the enlightening and inspiring entertainment from Spiritual Cinema Circle. Join today and receive your first DVD FREE. New Films Guarding Eddy: This touching feature is based on

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