Month: August 2008

Interpreting Media: TV Mind Control NLP

Fox News strikes again with yet another double speak interview; this time with Kevin Barret, professor of Winconsin U. The Kitchen Synch blog got there before me, so here are three < ten minute interviews at Interpreting Media – TV

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Remote Viewing: Al Neal Mind Control

The day before yesterday I had a remote viewing experience. I kept thinking of the name “Rearden” or “Reardon” and attached this name to a TV show from the 1960’s, “McHale’s Navy.” As you might know, I have google alerts

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Neural Technology: Enhanced Subliminal Response

Electronic binoculars from Northrop Grumman team to detect threats through brain activity LINTHICUM, Md., 23 Aug. 2008. Everyone who has ever watched the Star Wars films from George Lucas has probably at one moment wished they had Jedi abilities such

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