Remote Viewing: Al Neal Mind Control

The day before yesterday I had a remote viewing experience.

I kept thinking of the name “Rearden” or “Reardon” and attached this name to a TV show from the 1960’s, “McHale’s Navy.”

As you might know, I have google alerts coming to me every day, one of which is “mind control.” Today, I received a link to Mind Control and the New World Order by Al Neal.

In this video, Al Neal shortly discusses a person named “Rearden” attached to paganism. Al Neal also discussed Antoine Le Vay. I recalled a movie that Ernest Borgnine, star of McHale’s Navy, did in the 1970’s called “The Devil’s Rain.” Ernest Borgnine played the devil in this movie.

I looked up this movie in the IMDB. Sure enough, Antoine Le Vay was in this movie.

(Я не написание его имени на хорошие цели)

I’m just going to focus on good things right now. These ideas just come to me out of the blue. If you’re like me and you need better control over your abilities, you should try Gerald O’Donnell’s Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

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