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If you had to choose one memory in which you would spend eternity, could you? This is the premise of After Life, the thought-provoking Japanese film available in the Spiritual Cinema Circle, Volume 11, 2008 DVD collection.

After Life is a Spiritual Cinema classic and this year’s carefully chosen “hidden gem.” It’s a film from the recent past that embodies the essence of spiritual cinema.

After Life, which was released ten years ago on the U.S art house circuit (with very little publicity), disappeared too quickly. Spiritual Cinema Circle is thrilled to offer this unique film to its subscribers.

In After Life, a team of counselors meet each week with a new group of people who have recently died. They are there to help them choose a memory from their lives that they will live out for all of eternity. As film crews gather to re-create the chosen memories, the subjects have just three days to decide which memory is the one to take with them.

Spiritual Cinema Circle scours film festivals and seeks out cutting edge filmmakers to find the most soulful, heartfelt and uplifting films to offer its subscribers.

After Life is the feature film in the Vol. 11 collection of films from Spiritual Cinema Circle. New subscribers to Spiritual Cinema Circle can receive a free trial membership (for a nominal shipping fee) by visiting: Spiritual Cinema Circle before November 14.

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