Month: December 2008

Fun & Games with Cold Reading Experts

As far as I know, real psychics don’t put themselves on display. They also don’t talk your head off while they constantly look for positive feedback from their “paranormal” banter. I recall when an audience member told me that I

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Keys to Qigong Meditation: Yin / Yang Perspective

Let us clarify aspects of Super Human Morals of a Qigong Master, so we can understand. One of the greatest QiGong Sifus of our time, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, advocates theory before practice. I agree with this teaching style. Being sentient,

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Fear of Intimacy: Sneezing and Post Coital Blues Syndrome

My google alerts have sent me this article more than once. It’s an article called “Sexy Thoughts Make You Sneeze.” Dr Mahmood Bhutta, an ear, nose and throat specialist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, launched a study after

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