Month: January 2009

How Positive Control is Good for Your Life

Stress disrupts human thinking, but the brain can bounce back January 28, 2009 A new neuroimaging study on stressed-out students suggests that male humans, like male rats, don’t do their most agile thinking under stress. The findings, published this month

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Which 500 people will Save Our Economy?

If you’re feeling the pinch of a “struggling economy,” here’s something that can completely transform your experience. Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing has just put the finishing touches on his new “Save Our Economy” package. Alan has created 9 excellent

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fMRI Neuroscience Advances in Mind Reading Scans

According to Dr. Marcel Just from neuroscience dept. of Carnegie Mellon University, in a matter of three to five years, neuroscience research into how we think and what we’re thinking (thought identification) will allow mobile mind reading using portable equipment.

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