Month: April 2009

Video: UK Crop Circle Research Under Scientific Study

This might look like a step backwards from my previous posts on crop circles including Crop Circle Harmonics: Chladni Plates and subsequent posts. In fact, this is a step forward because the scientific community is now taking notice. In the

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Sensory Resonance Method: Theory and Application

This post is an addendum to the article on Sensory Resonance Method in Law of Attraction – A Cognitive Approach. Using the information in this article you can recover your lost talents using the Sensory Resonance Method wherein I describe

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Personal Question: How is the Mind like Time?

Of the best ways to get to know someone is to discover how they react to new situations; this includes how a person responds to unusual questions. If you’re a regular reader here as a HealingMindN, then you may already

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