Month: July 2009

How to use Dowsing and Remote Viewing on Google Maps

This method of dowsing and remote viewing (RV) uses Google Maps as a convenience tool for finding your target and further reconnaisance thereof. From the perspective of this article, I assume that the reader already knows how to do remote

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What do Watermelon Rinds and Sex have in Common?

Summer time is a good time for eating sugary cold watermelon. Summer is also a good time for sex, but that’s not all they have in common. I hardly ever talk about sex at this site. Although it is an

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Inspirational Movies for Spiritual Growth

Inspiration + Entertainment = Spiritual Cinema Circle     Inspirational movies brought home to you! Enjoy inspirational films and connect with loved ones…First DVD ABSOLUTELY FREE These tough economic times remind us of the importance of family and friends. Bring

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