What do Watermelon Rinds and Sex have in Common?

Summer time is a good time for eating sugary cold watermelon. Summer is also a good time for sex, but that’s not all they have in common.

I hardly ever talk about sex at this site. Although it is an integral part of our lives, I feel that there’s not that much to say. When things get messed up between mates, of course there’s plenty to say. I hardly talk about sexual relations here exactly because perversion is the basis of most people’s problems.

And where do most perverts hang out? The web, of course. Therefore, I don’t want to keep hanging the “meat out for the vultures to keep flying around” if you know what I mean.

As I have explained at Sexual HealingMindN, the energy denoted to love play should be extended to higher consciousness like enhancing a relationship through pleasure and healing your partner of ailments. For this reason, I have researched a tool which I believe is perfect in enhancing a loving relationship; it is a sex toy vibrator called the We-Vibe. Please have a look.

As for those watermelon rinds, I have a confession to make: I have always eaten the entire watermelon rind. I have never understood why people throw away their rinds. In fact, I have a further confession to make at this eHow article: How to Ferment Watermelon Rind for Increased Libido.

After you read that, you’re probably going to figure out why I spent some time at that We-Vibe page. Watermelon rind has a secret ingredient that most people are missing by throwing away their rinds. I’ve probably been eating too much of it lately. Perhaps, I should sublimate that extra energy into more powerful kung fu.

Thanks for your time.

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