Month: August 2009

Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and Psychic Sensitivity

I would like to address the article, Lost Colony Site Discovered Through Remote Viewing, wherein George McMullen of British Columbia, perhaps the best known Archaeological Remote Viewer ever studied by science, provided The Lost Colony Project, in the person of

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Inspirational Secret to Spiritual Liberation

Ever wonder if the inspirational leaders you admire actually walk their talk? The new documentary, Spiritual Liberation, follows a day in the life of Michael Beckwith — featured in The Secret — and shows us how he lives his own

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Analysis: Golden Ratio Brainwave Entrainment Video

As of late, my latest video, Phantom, Kiss the Girl, can be found on your favourite video server like Youtube. For now, I want to explain some of the brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology that went into this video.As you might

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