Month: October 2009

ThunderStorm Sleep Induction for Insomnia

The HealingMindN Self Help CD for Sleep induction is for people who like thunderstorms. For a preview, you can click ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview. Watch ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview in Educational & How-To | View More Free Videos Online at

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HealingMindN ThunderStorm Power Nap Theory

Right now, HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is available at HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction is coming up right behind it and HealingMindN OceanScape: Altered States is soon to follow. Now, let me tell you about the influence behind these ambient

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Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4c: Creativity and Recognizing Your Limitations

Could a person with a smaller reality bubble use the Milton Method on someone with a bigger reality bubble? No. Decadent mainstream culture trains people to have small realities by basing their beliefs in fear. People with beliefs based in

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