Month: November 2009

FAQs on Remote Viewing Course: Reactions & Differences

Frequently Asked Questions on the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Course (Answers by Gerald O’Donnell) Q: I am training with the RV course and keep on falling asleep while listening to the CDs. No matter what time of

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Love, Passion & Giving at Spiritual Cinema Circle

What will it take to change the world? First, we must begin by changing ourselves. For many of us, becoming a loving, passionate, giving human being is high on our list of what we value. What if you could spend

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Ecotones Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy Machine

Novelties A Sound Machine That Stays Alert While You’re Asleep The Ecotones sound machine, left, senses when garbage trucks rumble by. Devices made by Fitbit, center, and Philips Respironics can measure sleep habits.       Permalink By ANNE EISENBERG

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