Month: May 2010

How Dreams become Reality for Problem Solving

Recently, I answered a question on building internal energy for athletics for one of my readers. The reader asks: What are the most POWERFUL or what exercises generate the most chi or vital energy that I can use to improve

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Positive Attitudes, Remote Influencing and the Law of Attraction

This month, Spiritual Cinema Circle is proud to present the feature film SMILE along with three truly phenomenal short films.     Beau Bridges, Linda Hamilton, Sean Astin and Saturday Night Live’s Cheri Oteri star in SMILEā€¦ a story about

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Remote Viewing: Tools, Detailing, and Limitations

Jim McElwee’s Unexplainable Store has the most eclectic supply of brainwave entrainment programs available on the market. To me, Jim is an incredible teacher of esoterica and the “unexplainable.” Remote Viewing is yet another one of Jim’s expertise, much in

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