How to Have Better Romance thru Spiritual Growth

This month’s feature film, PLAY THE GAME is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a self-described ladies’ man, who shares his dating tricks with his heartbroken widowed grandfather. Grandpa gets mixed up in a love triangle, while the grandson strikes out with the girl of his dreams. Will these would-be Don Juans discover the real secret about romance? Try Spiritual Cinema Circle for spiritual growth on romance.

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Randolph Fabian Directo, certified oriental sports trainer and certified in NLP (HealingMindN on the web), reveals self help, personal development tools. Let him show you how new age tools from energy psychology, brainwave entrainment, and meditation on life positive concepts increase your positive attitude and overall health. His emphasis is on multiple healing modalities customized to fit your individual needs.

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One comment on “How to Have Better Romance thru Spiritual Growth
  1. Women seek romance, you celebrate the subtleties. You love roses, candles, the ring. You love dancing and dining and laughing together. And then, only then, when the lights are low, you turn into a tigress.