Month: July 2010

Concentration, Creative Focus, Mental Speed & Acuity from Beta Rhythm Music

Concentration How I wish I really and truly had all the tools I needed when I was younger. Of course, I was in the same boat. All the kids had some kind of trouble with concentrating on their work. We

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Jack Canfield Solutions for Self Confidence and more

Many, many years ago, a $600-million-dollar man changed the life of JACK CANFIELD, who has become America’s #1 success coach, the co-author of the most successful book series in history, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and one of the stars

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The Value / Reward System of Self Confidence, part 4 of 4

This latest installment by Jim McElwee on self confidence may confuse some people; Jim addresses personal value systems as the source of self confidence. Most people would say that faith in oneself is the source of self confidence. This makes

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