Month: January 2011

Remote Viewing (Precognition) of Princess Diana’s Tragic Death

Following Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, psychic ‘remote viewers’ received many requests to explain what had happened in the tunnel where Diana’s car had crashed while fleeing from paparazzi. Incredibly, Diana’s astrologer (Penny Thorton) claimed to have had two

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How to Practice Bravery, Courage, and Wisdom

A key moment in the life of legendary “Simpsons” writer George Meyer occurred at Fox one day when Matt Groening invited Meyer to have lunch with him and the artist R. Crumb, whose work Meyer loves. Crumb carries a sketchbook

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Face Your Fears Every Day like it’s Martin Luther King Day

From the time he assumed leadership of the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott in 1955 to his murder 13 years later, Martin Luther King, Jr faced hundreds of death threats. His home was bombed, with his wife and young children inside.

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