Month: June 2011

How to Find HAPPINESS and Believe in Love Again

Can a Movie Inspire You to Live a Better Life, Find Happiness, and Believe in Love Again? You bet! Spiritual Cinema Circle brings you 4 touching films that address the how-to of happiness: discover your CALLING, follow your higher PURPOSE,

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Cognitive Resonance vs. Cognitive Dissonance in Training Psychic Powers

As you discovered from my post, “Remote Viewing Morality and ARV, Session 7 Review,” the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Course from Probable Future is weak in it’s mere fifteen minute instruction on Associational Remote Viewing. My intention

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How Music Enhances Learning Capacity

Music increases frontal EEG coherence during verbal learning from Neuroscience Letters explains how we can use music for learning. Let’s examine how we can apply this information for our personal use. David A. Peterson and Michael H. Thaut provide us

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