Month: August 2011

Maharishi Effect vs. Hurricane Irene

At this moment, at the time of this writing, we need just under 8,400 people to focus their healing intentions towards the east coast of the U.S. according to the Maharishi Effect: (sqr (world population x 1%)) The interface at

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How to Respond Intelligently to Disasters Every Day

As of late, there’s been all kinds of talk of impending doom and catastrophe – not only solar cycle 24 effects, December 21, 2012, Galactic Superwaves, but disasters that are constantly happening. Every day, we must deal with the effects

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What about Radiation? The Economy? and American Idol?

Had enough bad news? Open for a shift. I have to tell you something: Sometimes I feel like a lot of people are just walking talking soap operas. I call them “soapo erectus.” Nothing much seems to matter to these

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