Month: May 2012

Fountain of Youth, part 3: Self Actualization

In this third and final installment of Jim McElwee’s dissertation on Fountain of Youth, I expand upon his treatise on the subject and the previous two parts. As some of you might know, Jim is like the “Rudolph Steiner” of

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Fountain of Youth, part 2: Tricks for Feeling Young

Jim McElwee’s second installment on the Fountain of Youth gives us a better idea of how to achieve a new beginning. After Jim provides his dissertation on the subject of staying active and getting support from your social circle, I’m

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Fountain Of Youth, part 1: Involution

Normally, I’m all praises for Jim McElwee’s thoughtful treatments on brainwave entrainment and this is no exception. However, I feel that I must elaborate on a few of his colorful assertions on maintaining our youth. When I say colorful, I

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