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Keys to Psychic Energy and Remote Influencing

Session 10 of the ARVARI Remote Influencing Course is a startling revelation. As our guided meditation instructor, Gerald O’Donnell reveals our vital connections to our planet and nature in general. He also reveals the ultimate modality for remote influencing which

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What do Watermelon Rinds and Sex have in Common?

Summer time is a good time for eating sugary cold watermelon. Summer is also a good time for sex, but that’s not all they have in common. I hardly ever talk about sex at this site. Although it is an

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Fear of Intimacy: Sneezing and Post Coital Blues Syndrome

My google alerts have sent me this article more than once. It’s an article called “Sexy Thoughts Make You Sneeze.” Dr Mahmood Bhutta, an ear, nose and throat specialist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, launched a study after

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