EFT Telepathy

If you’re not familar with Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) yet, then shame on you. Just kidding. I didn’t find out about EFT myself until early 2007. I had to find out through an underground, holistic healing website run by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Well, I’ve done some reading and personal research of EFT and […]

“Déja Vous” 101

Entrainment is part of human nature; this is the nature of subconsciously following the postures and habits of another with whom you have rapport. The psychological marketing term for this type of entrainment is called “mirroring.” I’d like to provide a few additions to mirroring & matching techniques, The Secret to Instant Rapport, found in […]

Intro from Way of the Mind Gate, V1

If you visited my site at HealingMindN.com, then you probably visited Holylife HealingMindN and found out that I’m a born again Christian. That’s right. All that I am and all that I have belongs to God. So, you’re probably asking why a born again Christian wants to discuss the paranormal and/or supernatural manipulation of people. […]


This is a short compilation of work concerning a subject near and dear to our hearts, the subject of sleep and our relation to loved ones when we sleep. The reason this is under Sexual HealingMindN is that we advocate true love from this perspective. True love is beyond the physical body, so let’s do […]