Law of Attraction: Choose to Believe

Alan Tutt has done it again… The newest book on the Law of Attraction is now available, and from all the reports, this is the BEST ONE YET!! It’s called “Choose to Believe,” written by Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing. Within this revolutionary new book, Alan presents some VERY interesting concepts – including some that […]

How Thought Forms Affect Us Every Day

This post is a follow up to Visual Ray Psionics. I’ve been arguing with myself on how I should present this subject. Let me begin with the origins of my introduction thought forms. I was first introduced to this concept by Charles Cosimano, author of “Psionic Combat,” almost two decades ago. Mr. Cosimano offers a […]

How binaural beats improve Your Life

Practical applications in brainwave entrainment using binaural beats: The Focus 2-Disc Set is designed to help you achieve powerful states of heightened focus and alertness, mental clarity, concentration, and creativity. Simply by listening to an audio CD through stereo headphones, you can: • Improve your levels of focus, clarity and concentration • Enhance your memory […]