Kuji Kiri Relaxation Method

There are numerous meditation methods, but remember we need to have the intention to relax when doing it. Let me go old school on you and provide a tip especially for people with discursive minds.

Relax your jaw. Let it drop slightly while you feel your head suspended from above. Hold your body upright to relax this suspension from above. Feel the relaxation from your jaw spreading through your neck, towards the top of your head like a warm feeling.

Relaxing the jaw releases tension on the fifth cranial nerve, one of 12 motor sensory pairs. The fifth cranial nerve controls facial and jaw movements. Releasing tension on this nerve, in turn, releases tension on the trigeminal area, the source of great tension which is the physical feedback to a discursive mind.

In finding this relaxation, you will discover that you can focus on the spaces between thoughts. You allow those thoughts to pass while the spaces in between become larger and more interesting. This space is the (dream) realm accessed by your mind. This is where you experience communications from God; besides self control, communication with higher conscious awareness is the reason we meditate.

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