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I like to gather information from different areas like a bee gathering pollen from different flowers with the singular intent of creating a nutrient rich mental substance known as Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter.

To that effect, I also need to know the necessary mental requirements of those who I am feeding. Therefore, I have set up a survey at Way of the Mind Gate Reader Survey where I ask for your opinions about mind control in general. You will be able to see your responses and the responses of others at the survey content page.

As always, to protect your privacy, your personal identifiable information is never sold or given to a 3rd party.

In my next post, I’d like to provide a few additions to mirroring & matching techniques, The Secret to Instant Rapport, found in Alan Tutt’s Keys To Power Persuasion. First, here are a few extracts from his report FYI:

The underlying principle at work here is when two people are in deep rapport, they automatically begin to mirror and match each other on a subconscious level… Combine this with the (subconscious) assumption (of your target), “If you’re acting like me, then you must be thinking like me too…”

If you haven’t seen this report by Alan Tutt yet, you can see a free sample by clicking Keys To Power Persuasion (Sample). I recommend your getting Alan Tutt’s report because it is important to combine his power persuasion experience with what I’m about to show you to help influence your prospect.

In or around the last post, I mentioned the idea of creating a feeling of “déja vous” in your prospect. I spoke of synchronising breathing patterns as a way to help induce those feelings.

I cannot emphasize enough how influential your aura can be when you incorporate that feeling of being recognised; if you are familiar with “déja vous”, then you know this is a mysterious feeling of familiarity that somehow draws you to a person, place, or thing.

You may have met perfect strangers yourself that you seem to recall from some where, so you’d swear you met them before. Maybe you found yourself in a strange place that you somehow recognised – but this recognition is impossible because you’ve never met this stranger and you’ve never been to this strange place – or have you?

(At this point, I like to get into the scholarly subjects like fractals and morphic fields (based on Rupert Sheldrake’s research) since the universe is built upon robust and self-similar fractals at different scales, we will always experience feelings of familiarity in certain places no matter how far we go. Take this opportunity to tell me if you prefer scholarly treatments at Way of the Mind Gate Reader Survey.)

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