The Chakra Chord in Mirroring and Matching

The chakra system of traditional Ayurvedic theory is part of the subtle human energy plane. Most of us speak from a set of three or more chakra in the body as we speak. These chakra are harmonically in line with our brain rhythms, whereas, we speak through the “tonic” chakra (as in music) according to our predominant brain wave frequencies.

For example, a person speaks differently when they are awake and relaxed as opposed to when he is awake and alert in an excited state. This is because we speak from the chakra centres that resonate with the predominant brain wave harmonics.

Part of our unique vocal signature is our speech centers. We all speak in the same way we would play a major chord on a piano using a Tonic, a 3rd, and a 5th.

There eight energy centers in the chakra system in the same way there are eight notes (not including sharps and flats) on a musical scale.

Each chakrum has an astral psychic key in terms of colour and an etheric psychic key in terms of sound or intonation. (For a reference to the chakra color system, please visit the Breathing Exercises at HealingMindN.)

Of course, speech and vocal patterns are subject to social and cultural influences. For example, most Aussies speak with a nasal twang that warbles between pineal and throat chakra as the tonic while chest and stomach chakra serve as the 3rd and 5th, respectively, to form their personal major chord. Whether any particular set of brain wave frequencies is predominant is subject to the individual.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to pick up on accents. After speaking personally with at least 100 Australians in the past, I had a very hard time dropping the accent. I still speak with an eclectic mixture of accents from my previous work.

I always built rapport with these people, not only because their accents would rub off, but because I mirrored their speech centers. I created sympathetic resonance between us by speaking from the same chakra set as they did.

Now, I’m not telling you to mimic your prospect – at least, not in front of them. First, you want to impersonate your prospect (in private) to discover which speech centers they are using.

After enough practice with impersonations, it will be second nature for you to hear which speech centers a person is using. Sometimes it’s completely obvious (for me, anyway) the chakra from which they speak. Then use your regular voice while speaking from your new speech centers.

You want to do this very subtly. You don’t want to be an impersonator mimicking your prospect – that’s bad. You want to subtly allow sympathetic harmonies between yourself and your prospect like two or more stringed instruments resonating with each other with the same chord – that’s good.

Once rapport is established, you can “shift” feelings by changing your chord structure. For example, if you want to speak with a “dominant seventh” chord, you would add a chakrum to your speech pattern. The root chakrum is always best for this. A dominant seventh creates feelings of trimph and leadership in music and has the same effect in speech patterns.

Alan Tutt talks about marking out embedded commands in different ways in Keys To Power Persuasion. The Chakra Chord method is the most powerful way to influence through speech pattern; it’s a method that goes back a number of millenia until it was further refined in Mumai Mugai Ninjitsu. Learn more about ninjitsu at Ashida Kim’s Ninjitsu Ryu site.

Yes, this method takes practice and practice makes perfect. (You should study chord structure and their cultural influences too.)

Yes, this information is not for everyone – because it takes discipline and passion to build rapport with others. Most people are attracted to esoterica like Ninjitsu, Golden Dawn and Silva Methods, but once they discover that doing all those cool psychic phenomena takes a lot of work and discipline – they log off.

Very few people have the will power for self improvement exercises. I’m hoping that those few are here with me at Way of the Mind Gate.

Next time we’ll study the astral aspects of the chakra system and how it is radionically keyed to our names. Isn’t that fun?

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