LiuHeBaFa Philosophy

All’s fair in love and war.  In matters of mind control it’s important to first have a sense of martial morality before seeking ways to influence people.  A sense of martial morality is preferred since we do not want to put a dangerous weapon into the wrong hands. 

Even between warriors on the battlefield, we maintain honor by following wisdom and morality.  Understand that there is a difference between soldiers and warriors:  One simply follows commands while the other applies wisdom of the heart and mind long before taking action.  By following the unswerving guidelines of martial morality, we make split second decisions based on those guidelines when it’s time to take action.

As you know, I’m a born again Christian. Although my means seem unsavory, I work towards the ultimate good. I could push the Holy Bible on you in terms of morality, but prefer to raise people’s consciousness from a more neutral perspective. If I knew that I was talking to a bunch of bible thumpers, then I would approach you from that perspective.  Let’s assume that I’m addressing an eclectic group.

For now, the neutral perspective I present is from the Liuhebafa Five Character Secrets by Paul Dillon. Liuhebafa philosophy is attached to the martial art, Liuhebafaquan, in the same way that Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baguachang have their respective philosophies.

Liuhebafaquan or “water” boxing is one of the highest martial arts obtained because it is a combination of the aforementioned soft-style martial arts. The philosophy itself is even more arcane in such a way that only adepts can understand. Even the Tao by Lao Tzu falls short of the deeper meanings within Liuhebafa.

The keys I have provided to you so far aid you in becoming adept at understanding such a philosophy. When you raise your level of awareness in science, art, and philosophy so as to understand your own mind, then you are able to understand and build rapport with anyone. Liuhebafa is that combination of science, art, and philosophy which raises your consciousness to a higher level. (So is the Bible, but Liuhebafa doesn’t require a particular belief system.)

If you have been to and visited the Law of Attraction, you should notice that this short synopsis on “Methodlessness” completely encapsulates that long article and then some:

Mind/Intent is the basis of “Methodlessness”

Methodlessness is the state of doing without doing. In the state of Methodlessness there is no difference between what you are are doing and that which is being done by Nature. When you are in this state of Total Harmony, you appear to be doing nothing, yet nothing is left undone. Your quest for this harmony begins with Mind/Intent.

In Liuhebafa, Mind/Intent is the Higher Mind. Wisdom Mind, or Creative Imagination. Higher Mind is a faculty of the Essential or True Self. Mind/Intent is the neutral point between cause (yang) and effect (yin). By attaining the neutral point, you can understand the ebb and flow of life so that you do not run contrary to it; you consciously cooperate with it.

Mind/Intent is not the physical will that originates in the reactive mind (subconscious and conscious). The physical will tries to force and manipulate; it is always reactive rather than active. The Higher Mind is active and creative and in harmony with the will of Nature.

To approach this study, leave your preconceptions behind. Begin with an open and child-like mind. As you progress in Liuhebafa, you find that this unique perspective allows you to go beyond technique; indeed, you become the technique…

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