Visual Ray Psionics

We’ve already talked about synchronising the breath with our prospect and using emotional freedom techniques as a form of telepathy. We’ve also talked about resonating the voice with our prospect. (You can review the Chakra Chord to refresh your memory.) Now, let’s get a little deeper into the esoterica of ancient keys to mind control.

I never actually finished the paper on Visual Ray Psionics. It’s a ‘spooky’ paper that deals with thought forms, the way we create them, and how the Visual Ray works. The paper kept getting longer because I was always finding more information; it was turning into a thesis. I might write a book on it because this subject is so prolific.

Here we are years later because I have been wanting to continue the subject within the context of a forum such as this. I’m so glad you could join me in my continuation of this paper as I continue this article.

Let’s establish some experience in our minds before we begin. We understand and learn through experience, so I’m hoping that I am dealing with a sensitive group.

The Visual Ray

The visual ray is an extension of the body’s natural energy field. Are you familiar with the aura? It’s been proven to exist using Kirlian Photography. The aura is the interactive culmination of energy fields generated in the body; technically it’s a meissner field since it contains a plethora of electromagnetic and scalar components (mostly scalar). Suffice it to say that this is a ray of biological energy which has many implications in itself.(A scalar is pure potential that manifests itself as a vector force when combined with a similar potential in terms of scalar wave interferometry.) Theoretically, the microtubule network within the cytoskeleton of the neurons generate a specific aura according to our mood and Temperament as a reflection of the chakra system at any given moment. For example, aura detectors see dark red for anger indicating lower chakrum activation as opposed to upper chakra like violet for peace and well being.

This same microtubule network generates a soliton field during higher levels of consciousness which is scalar in nature. The soliton field is an integral layer of the meissner field. The interaction of these fields between people is what creates “chemistry” in terms of resonance or incompatibility in terms of dissonance. In fact, it’s a bioresonant energy field.


Psionics, like radionics, operates on the principle that every point in space and time has a unique vibratory rate of resonance. The tuning in this case is specifically between minds and thought-forms. As in radionics, an external device can be used to help hold the resonant frequency, but the actual crux of the tuning mechanism is still the mind.Visual Ray Psionics is thought form projection, in a nutshell; it is an etheric function that creates reality from the universal ether (all the Michelson-Morley experiment proved is that the ether is not electromagnetic in nature). When we look at someone we are sending information to that person. Have you ever tried to avoid someone at a party or even on the street? You keep looking at this person hoping that he/she doesn’t notice you, then, somehow, that person notices you out of the crowd! You were unconsciously sending that person information that you were there using your visual ray of which the cosmic ether is a carrier.

This information is holographic in nature. Bioenergetic as well as psychoenergetic information is a holographic integral of fractals; this means each piece of information represents the whole on every scale. Strangely enough, this means that psychoenergetic information can be transferred in a split second to anyone and passed around like a special piece of candy between people. And if your candy is especially tasty, people will pay less attention to any other candy.

Other times, we focus ourselves willingly on the object or person of our desire which takes a lot of energy, but create a thought form of attraction in the process.

To demonstrate that we expell a tremendous amount of energy through our eyes every day, try the following experiment:

1) Hold your right arm at your side.

2) Ask someone to try to pull up your arm while you resist as much as you can.

3) Relax your arm and concentrate on the second hand of a watch while it travels around the watch for one minute.

4) Repeat Step 1 and have someone try to lift your arm again while you resist. From your weaker resistance in the second trial, you can easily determine the amount of energy emitted from the body through your eyes.

Another indicator of losing energy through the eyes is when you put your glasses on after a workout; you can see a film forming on the lens of your glasses wherever you glance due to your bioenergy emissions.

This is the reason we sleep with our eyes closed: To regain the bioenergy lost through our eyes during the day we draw upon the Infinite Source of psychic energy which can only be regained through the sleep state, that infinite source being God.

It’s during our sleep state when our minds are open to hyperspace symbols which are communications from God. The symbols usually take the shape of everyday objects and people in our dreams. These symbols are also psychic keys or thought forms which we encounter in our waking state.

The thought forms we create are usually through intense visualisation on an object or person of desire. The principles cited on the Law of Attraction help us to visualise thought forms. Although we can imagine anything we wish, thought forms are most effective when they are simple and representative of deep, spiritual ideas.

This is where the work of Stewart Swerdlow comes into play. He’s a former Montauk Project psychic who performed extensive research on this subject. In the same way that word language is based upon our DNA structure as cited at Collective DNA Consciousness:, ancient alphabet is also based on our DNA structure. The Hebrew Alphabet, for example, consists of 22 letters which represents the 22 amino acids which comprise our DNA. According to the Qabalah, combinations of these letters represent thought forms on our conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Stewart Swerdlow discovered that ancient characters such as from Hebrew, Chinese, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs are based on our DNA, therefore, represent our mind patterns in the three levels of consciousness.

There are further dream symbols as researched by Swerdlow which are actually hyperspace archetypes further derived from ancient hieroglyphs, God’s Language as He communicates with us since He created Us. (Excuse my use of He since I’m a man.) One example is the symbol for Healing Thoughts as you see in the upper right hand corner of this newsletter. This symbol is a psychic key – one of many. You can use this symbol to send healing thoughts to someone across the room – or at a distance on the other side of the planet – or anywhere in the universe.

You’ve already learned from the cloud busting experiment at the Visual Ray Psionics article that you can affect objects at a distance. By the same token, you can also affect people at a distance. Try this experiment. You will need at least two friends to help you:

1) Have your friends facing away from you at least 10 feet away from you (or within ear shot).

2) Stare at the back of the neck of one of your friends for at least two minutes. (Make sure noone else is around to stare at the back of their heads.)

3) Ask your friends at whom you are staring. Your friends will probably be right 100% of the time.

Now, try the same experiment with a barrier between yourself and your friends. Stare through the barrier for at least three minutes. If you can’t see your friends, then you have to imagine that you are staring at the back of the head of one in particular. Your friends will probably be right at least 90% of the time upon asking.

Now, try the same experiment with your friends at home; it helps to have a picture of one in particular in front of you. Imagine that you are staring at the back of that friend’s head – and do this for at least five minutes. Have your friend call you if they get the same curious sensation that you are “watching” them. This is extra sensory perception at work.

After you have proven your own psychic phenomenon for yourself, you can project thought forms with the same assurance. Try the Healing Thought form above (capital green letter N with a diagonal “swoosh”). Project it to someone who needs cheering up during the Holidays. Project it into their heart chakra (in the chest) with beautiful bright green colours and repeat, “Healing Thoughts, Healing Mind.”

When you do this with another person, the effect is multiplied geometrically (the same reason Dion Fortune’s Society of Inner Light prayer group worked so well during WWII on Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s right hand man).

You have to keep the images sharp in your mind. Like a meta-morph, you tune into their feelings to overshadow them with your own. Tune into intense sensations of what that other person maybe feeling, then overpower them with your own. Because your purpose serves the higher purpose of healing, yours will always be superior.

You against the mediocrity

Most people are amorphous with their thought patterns, so they get lost and seek guidance. Most people lack purpose exactly because they lack the clarity to intensely visualise an objective. Like an authority figure, you can provide that clarity, that healing to the people around you. They never have to know that you use visual ray psionics.

The astral aspects of the chakra system are radionically keyed to specific colours, sounds, symbols, and feelings. A regular name by which a person is called also carries a radionic signature which keyed to that particular person’s psyche. Please look up The Healers Handbook, A Journey into Hyperspace by Stewart Swerdlow for specific information on these psychic keys which are quite extensive.

A few psychic keys specific to me for instance is the number 7 and the colour violet; 7 being the seventh (3rd eye) chakra and violet being the colour specific to that chakra. The number is obtained through pythagorean reduction of the number equivalents of each letter:

9 1 5 4 6 3 7 8 = 43 => 4+3 = 7

Recall in a previous post the subject of chakra chords and how a person usually speaks from a specific chakra as the tonic. I find that I do speak from the 7th chakra, so my name is definitely a deeply engrained psychic key. If you derive the psychic keys for all three of my names, you can tune me in telepathically. You can do this for anyone.

Besides looking at a picture, you can psionically tune in a person through their psychic keys. According to the Healer’s Handbook, an even more specific method is to tune into their personal hyperspace archetype. This is a deeply personal, spiritual symbol that can only be obtained by the person in question. Of course, you can learn what that symbol is by helping that person obtain it. That would entail a deeply intimate relationship.

The eyes are not only windows to the soul; they are windows to a soul which reaches out, constantly. The soul always leaves essence as thought forms in places familiar to that soul. That’s what some “ghosts” are; they;’re simply thought-forms that attached to a certain place. They’re extensions of us. That’s what we do – attach thought forms to certain people, places, and things.Visual Ray Psionics Course

Some people are so intent over weeks, months, and years on there being the existence of a “ghost” in their house that they actually create their ghost. Then they send for ghosthunters to prove the existence of that “ghost.”

These thought-forms or “ghosts” actually register on thermal scans and bioenergy meters (used by savvy ghosthunters).

Next time, we learn how to program thought forms to automatically perform tasks. Yes, I’m going to show you how to create your own “ghost.”


You can just download the full disclosure course on Visual Ray Psionics right now in a .pdf file for your convenience. Thanks for visiting!


Randolph (HealingMindN)

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