EFT vs. Ancient Keys

New School, Emotional Freedom Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian Knowledge proves that there are numerous ways to unlock the healing potential of the human psyche. Visit EFT vs. Ancient Keys.

Originally, I planned on pointing the link to an alternate article publishing site. Unfortunately, the people who own these other sites want me to declaw or defang my article in some way. I’m not going to convince anyone to change their guidelines just for me, so I’ve published the article in it’s entirety at my site.

I’d like to say a few things here that I didn’t say in the article. Somehow, that claim by Gary Craig keeps ringing through my head: “We dusted off acupuncture and made it user friendly…” I keep thinking to myself that’s a hell of a thing to say.

I’m sure Gary Craig meant nothing derogatory by it. He does show a lot of pride for his discovery; that even a shotgun method of psychic keys unlocks the amazing potential of the human mind.

The western treatment of martial arts fails to mention a very important fact: That the practice of martial arts and their parallel meditation methods are designed to massage all the meridians of chi flow and unlock human potential. This is especially true of internal martial arts such as taijiquan and aikido.

Acupuncture has always been an integral part of scholarly, medical, martial, and religious treatments, so it has never only existed in and of itself. As far as these more esoteric treatments, there was never anything to “dust off.” It was simply a matter of “inaccessability” to the western mindset and Gary Craig discovered that a shotgun approach works when combined with psychoenergetic tuning.

What has happened is that Gary Craig discovered yet another modality to unlock human potential. EFT is based on the very old premise that the emotions are key to releasing chronic ailments.

Of course, he wants everyone to tell their psychic success story as it relates to EFT – in much the same fold as an evangelist has his followers testify to the Power of God as they found Him – through that particular ministry. EFT is a cult to be sure, but it’s a good cult that does good work by healing people.

For this reason, I advocate EFT. But I prefer that Gary Craig and his followers would accept the human potential for all of our supernatural abilities – even with a shotgun healing modality like EFT. The human mind is part of the One Mind, God, so we can use any compatible modality to unlock its healing potential.

One more gripe and that’s it: I’ve studied the case histories at the EFT site in detail. I have yet to see any long term results. As far as I know, a person is expected to turn to EFT again and again whenever that malady creeps up.

EFT is a quick fix to be sure, but it’s like putting that canned tire fix into your flat tire again and again – when you should be patching that tire, so it doesn’t leak anymore.

EFT should also stand for “emergency freedom technique” because it helps get a chronic sufferer free from their ailment in a few minutes. Like emergency medical science, EFT is excellent for “fixing” a traumatic situation right away, but for most people that fix is temporary. Of course, there are armies of people who love EFT because it IS such an amazing quick fix for traumatic situations – especially emotional trauma; they’ll just do EFT again and again.

EFT is a lazy man’s martial arts for the mind; it just skims the surface of what people should be doing: Enhancing their bodies to improve their overall potential. For me, this means practicing the fist of the philosophy with it’s attached qigong meditation. This is the permanent solution when done for healing, martial, and scholarly purposes.

For the western mind set, “energy psychology” like EFT is plenty good enough.

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2 thoughts on “EFT vs. Ancient Keys

  1. Ah yes, EFT is a permanent solution, but how did the problems get there in the first place? Trauma. Emotional and/or physical trauma can be avoided through proper discipline which is provided by Qigong, Meditation and their attached martial arts.

    I agree. People suffer from multiple miasms of emotional difficulties that have to be unwrapped like a ball of tightly packed yard. Mental and physical discipline will always displace those multiple miasms.

    I’m not dissing EFT. I’m saying that human society should be doing better through proper education of spiritual values and discipline. Qigong adepts live their energy psychology while EFT practitioners can only practice their energy psychology

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