How Thought Forms Affect Us Every Day

This post is a follow up to Visual Ray Psionics. I’ve been arguing with myself on how I should present this subject. Let me begin with the origins of my introduction thought forms.

I was first introduced to this concept by Charles Cosimano, author of “Psionic Combat,” almost two decades ago. Mr. Cosimano offers a lot of practical information in the chapter on thought forms. Unfortunately, this information tends to go hand in hand with a lot of destructive, hurtful thoughts; he basically hates people. Just about anyone annoys him, especially kids; he enjoys projecting destructive thought forms against people around him even from boredom.

Another problem with Mr. Cosimano is that he says that there is no such thing as karma (therefore, “we can cause as much bad luck and destruction on our enemies as we like with no repercussions”), yet he has the audacity to call upon angelic powers wherein karma is an integral part of spiritual law. He even admits that you better find a way to dissipate those destructive thoughts forms or they’ll come back to you. If that’s not karma, I don’t know what is.

Before Mr. Cosimano gets into seeding destructive thought forms like swords, spears, and exploding missles, he provides this useful passage:

..most thought forms are not effective at all. People, on the whole, do not think very clearly. Even their strongest desires, the ones which we would expect to create the most powerful thought forms, are usually quite muddled. There are always little side thoughts and feelings which get intermingled with the expressed desire and thus ruin the cohesiveness of the thought.

Hence a thought may be sent forth with a tremendous will behind it, but because the thinker has no clarity to his thought, it totally fails to accomplish anything except frustrate the sender. It is for this reason that a clear thought, even with a little energy, will be more effective than a highly energised mass of conflicting desires.

This is a reason why most attempts at making group thought forms fail. Each individual comes to the group with his own agenda and as all these get mixed up in the soup, the resulting thought form tends to be an amorphous mass with no effectiveness at all…

This logic falls in line with the Law of Attraction wherein our vision must be like that of a laser projecting a crystal clear image to create that thought form.

I have to disagree slightly on that postulation on the amorphous mass having no effectiveness. As you might know, public opinion is shaped by mass media and politicians and that these “objective” reporters are into fear mongering.

When they are not engaging the public in trivial pursuit as to which celebrity is in trouble, they are inducing the fear of war, terrorism, madmen with guns, epidemic disease, and every scare that tickles their demented fancy like threat of bird flu, earthquakes and more “terrorist attacks.” In turn, this creates an amorphous fear thought form which acts like a giant feedback mechanism to the planet all the denizens including the same people who make it.

Although this giant, dark cloud of fear is only lukewarm with energy because of the lack of focus, it’s still enough of a thought form to keep the fear going. In chemistry, we learned that a tub of lukewarm water still has more energy than a cup of boiling water; the same applies to thought forms. The difference is a powerful enough “laser” can still cut through a cloud of sweltering fear.

What we have to do is enlighten the people around us, so they can think straight and clearly. Just as you are here learning from me, you have to teach the people around you that fear of mere threats is fear of nothing. The people around you have to realize that mass media is perverse when they are bent on death and destruction.

No matter how many bad things are happening in this world there are still just as many good things happening in this world; indeed, in this universe, there are even more good things in comparison. Noone should waste their precious time dwelling on the dark side of life. When bad things happen we use logic to learn from our mistakes and spirituality to heal from our mistakes.

The Way of the Mind Gate is about putting your logic and your spirituality to good use. “Psionic Combat” is not necessary towards your fellow human beings. We are here, right now, to learn how to approach issues and situations from a higher state of consciousness. The only way to lift the world around us out of a dark, paranoid, less-than-human slump is to begin with ourselves. We need to become self-actualized in our mind patterns; this means following spiritual law – which is more trustworthy than decadent laws of men. When we lift ourselves up, we lift up those around us.

Of course, there are certain types of people who will be left behind – like Mr. Cosimano. I like to describe them as the people of Psalms 73 which describes them to a T. Look it up; this and other scriptures are at Big Church.

The Cloud

The following technique of forming the cloud is a well defined approached to external alchemy as derived from the works of H. Spencer Lewis, Dr. Samuel Sagan, Stewart Swerdlow and a few others. Their methods of external alchemy which they researched are practical, and it’s the intent in your heart that really counts. Your intention bears the fruits of your labor which determines your fate, hopefully, success and triumph.

This method of forming the cloud is almost the reverse of cloud busting as described in Visual Ray Psionics, but it’s even more refined. We’re going to program this “cloud” once it’s created to become the thought form of your choosing:

  1. Your Lab: Spiritualists who have experimented with materialization claim that light is detrimental to “physical” phenomena. You will find it desirable to have a room that can limit the amount of outside light. This can also be done outside in the dark twilight when you have little or no disturbance around you. (Ninjas of ancient legend would do this similar exercise in caves.)Either a white or dark background is OK; it’s up to your individual preference on what works for you. As long as the space is nil to your eyes and allow them to relax naturally after a few moments of concentration. Have available at least one unadorned wall or a door which leads into a darkened room. The presence of skeptics dooms one to failure – especially in the beginning, so you need privacy.
  2. Your Frame of Mind: Sit quietly and comfortably and go into the alpha state. You can follow Kelly Howell’s free audio meditation guide at BrainSync for this purpose. Also remember to loosen and drop your jaw slightly to release the tension on your fifth cranial nerve as described in the first newsletter of Way of the Mind Gate. The alpha state allows you to achieve clarity of thought, purpose, and vision. In the alpha state, sit quietly and comfortably, then direct your eyes to a single blank point in space.This is necessary so that the cloud may collect at the place where you are staring. Your eyes must remain on this same, single spot, relaxed, then focused, relaxed, then focused as described in tensor exercises for regaining your vision. If you glance here and there, the cloud will not build up. Your attention and your intention must be focused on that singular point.The effect of directed attention is cumulative – the same as etheric energy when gathering mist to create a cloud. The longer you look in the same direction, the more defined the cloud becomes.
  3. Defocusing the eyes: Since the cloud is a subtle phenomenon, we have to relax the eyes. De-focus the eyes slightly as you stare and wait for the cloud to become apparent. H. Spencer Lewis, founder of the Rosicrusian Order, discusses this technique in the “Ninth Degree” monographs; he suggests that you look beyond anything that might be in front of you – as if you were looking at something five miles away (a familiar technique in martial arts meditation). Lewis calls this “passive” visual perception – that the eyes see better when they are passive (refer to the eye exercises for restoring vision).By slightly de-focussing your eyes, you enhance your ability to see the cloud. In fact, this technique allows you to observe the aura around people, places, and things which are also forms of “clouds.” (Near-sighted people can throw away their glasses after doing this exercise for a while; I haven’t needed a new eyeglass prescription in over ten years.) Collecting the cloud is of no use to you if you cannot see it accumulating, therefore, this defocusing method is absolutely essential. Defocusing also relaxes cranial nerves two through four. In combination with relaxing the fifth cranial nerve through your jaw, this helps you slip deeper into a trance. In this particular trance state, you’re able to sense things that other people cannot – in their usual, closed-minded trance state.
  4. The Sympathetic Vibrations: H. Spencer Louis goes onto recommend a certain chant (RA-MA) to help manifest the cloud by “bringing together dual sex potencies in the universe.” I’m all for that, but the chant representing the intention is a little too pagan, thus, religiously oriented for this particular blog. Instead, here’s a technique from Awakening the Third Eye by Dr. Samuel Sagan. Yes, there’s still plenty of pagan references in this book, but it discusses esoteric techniques common to secret sects of most cultures rather than from a certain order. Many of the techniques discussed by Dr. Sagan are also from martial arts meditation. The whole book is a very intense work that completely describes the title.I’m giving you an ultra-mini crash course on Dr. Sagan’s Clairvision techniques to help you generate the “cloud.” I’ll try to do Dr. Sagan’s book justice: As you might know, the third eye, or seventh chakra, is the astral body which is intimately connected to the physical body of the pineal gland. Mechanistic scientists insist that this is a vestigial (useless) gland.(Mechanistic scientists make the same claim about 80 to 90% of our brain power and our DNA.) The purposes of the third eye are manifold. The two main purposes are for “tuning” and “projecting.” In our case, we want to “project,” but first we must charge the pineal gland both etherically and astrally: This means we charge the gland through vibration in the throat and envisioning royal blue/violet light. This method of charging is simple, but usually takes a lot of time. By relieving the stress on cranial nerves two through five, thereby inducing a trance state, we increase the total reactance of the neural pathways in and around the pineal gland.Combined with intention of higher spiritual purpose, you create a superconducting, superluminal quantum state within the microtubule network of the cytoskeleton of the c-fibres of your nervous system. In essence, you are creating the ideal environment for extrasensory and paranormal phenomena.

    Using step 3 in this exercise, remember your breathing: Deep, smooth, slow flowing breathes from the solar plexus. Feel the friction of the breathe within your throat as you relax your focus at that singular point in space. Feel the friction in your throat connecting with the vibration within your 3rd eye; this is a harmonic cavity shaped like a flute leading from your trigeminal nerve in the middle of your forehead to your visual cortex in the middle of your occipital lobe (back of your head).

    Remember, the 3rd eye is astral in nature, but it uses the pineal gland as a kind of capacitor/transformer which stores and transforms etheric energy to astral energy. (I call the pineal gland a “transvector.”)

    Imagine the colours royal blue and violet projecting from your third eye into that singular point in space. These colours help you “tune” the thought form from your third eye as you set up the correct astral resonance.

  5. The Mantra: Remember from volume 2 of Way of the Mind Gate How I discussed chakra chords in detail; the way we speak vibrates etherically as subharmonics which corresponds to the astral harmonics of the chakra system. The way we speak, physically, reflects who we are, spiritually.Therefore, there is one more component to help you build that thought form: The Mantra. Years ago, I would have recommended the standard “AUM” from “om mani padme om” (I pray to the jewel in the lotus flower.) Now, I know better. From volume 3 of Way of the Mind Gate, we know that our names also represent who we are since they represent our personal psychic keys from our DNA archetypes, wherein, our systems of letters, numbers, and music were derived. Stewart Swerdlow in his work, The Healer’s Handbook, helps you derive your personal psychic key as it pertains to your name.Since you’re projecting your astral energy, you’re projecting yourself, so your personal psychic key places your consciousness within the “cloud” if you desire. When you hear your name, you have instant recognition of yourself.

    By the same token, your thought form also has instant recognition of your name, but you must only say that part of your name which it recognises since it is mass free energy attuned to etheric harmonics: According to Cabalistic Theories, You must only say the vowels in your name since they represent the etheric/astral part of yourself. Pronunciation of the vowels in your name directly calls upon the “recognition” by that mass free energy part of yourself which you are projecting into that singular point in space.

    Just as we would say “AAAAUUUUUMMMMM” as a long, draw out mantra, we utilise our own names in the same way. It’s OK to start with a consonant. In my case, the name or mantra for my thought form would be “RRAAAAHHOOOOHHuuu…” (male cat in heat howling).

    As you might have guessed, you are projecting yin etheric forces in this manner which, in turn, attracts yang etheric forces. Therefore, you are bringing together the dual sex potencies in the universe to manifest the “cloud,” but without the pagan brew-ha-ha.

  6. Recognising: The cloud itself is first formed by your etheric energy which carries your astral energy to that singular point in space. Since etheric energy has negative entropy, the stronger forces tend to draw in the surrounding weaker forces – like a cloud in the sky. In this case, the surrounding etheric energy is drawn to the mass-free astral energy which you are projecting.Unlike water molecules gathering in space, we cannot see mass free etheric energy when it is looked upon directly in the “waking” state. The biggest problem is recognising the “cloud.” You may see heat waves. You may even see the world spinning around you. That would just be a hallucination because you’re not breathing correctly.

    The most correct determination of the “cloud” is that anything on the other side of it is blotted out; it is a subtle haze that blends in with the environment. The cloud will not move with your glance until you command it. For this reason, the “cloud” has been used for invisibility by certain adepts. (See Ashida Kim’s Ninjitsu Training Site)

  7. Cloud Building: Among the methods for building and strengthening the cloud are hand gestures and eye movements. You may use both if you like Рespecially if you are adept at moving meditation and similar forms of internal alchemy. Bring your hands together, then apart Рas if very slowly playing an accordion (concertina). Hold the intention in mind that you are compressing the æther in the space between your hands. You should have familiar gossamer feelings between your hands as you further build the cloud.The eye movements are almost the reverse of cloud busting in Visual Ray Psionics. After you see a definite cloud formation, look away from it with the intention of building the cloud. Allow a little cloud to collect in another region of space in the same manner as the above steps. After a moment, bring your eyes gradually to the center of the main cloud as you will that tiny cloud into the main formation.Do the same for the entire surrounding space: Will the surrounding etheric energy to join with the main formation.For instance, you may glance above the main cloud, then bring your eyes down willing that the energy above the cloud be added to the energy of the main formation. Then glance below and to the side in the same fashion. I find that shifting the glance along the lines of a hexagram is strangely effective (the pattern is, afterall, a familiar fractal in nature that represents stable structures Рlike a honey comb).

    Remember to keep your eyes relaxed and defocussed as you do this. Your will over the energy must be entirely mental. Your eyes must remain passive, so you can see what you’re doing.

  8. Repetition: Repeat steps 2 through 7 in this manner: Steps 2 – 7, Steps 3 – 7, Steps 4 – 7, Steps 5 – 7, Steps 6 – 7, then end with Step 7. This engrains stability in the cloud structure as well as the intention for building the cloud in your mind. As you can tell, this whole affair takes amazing discipline on your part.
  9. centripetence vs. centrifugence

  10. Centripetance vs. Centrifugance: Just as natural centrifugal forces tend to disperse clouds in the sky, those same forces will have a tendency to disperse your “cloud.” Negentropic forces are centripetal in nature, but they must deal with thermodynamic forces which are centrifugal in nature.If you are in the northern hemisphere of this planet, you must utilise a counter-clockwise force or centripetance to maintain your formation. This means you must will the cloud into a counter-clockwise spin in the same way that tornados form in the northern hemisphere. (The reverse logic applies in the southern hemisphere.)Once your cloud gets spinning, it becomes smaller and denser. Alternate this step with step 7 to increase the charge and size, then this step to increase the density and centripetal forces. Astronomers contend that galaxies are formed in a similar way, with gigantic clouds spinning and condensing until they gradually form suns and planets. You are, afterall, an individual aspect of God, so don’t be surprised at your abilities.
  11. Testing: After the cloud has gathered sufficient power, will it to move and block your view of a well defined structure in your presence. Once you have determined that you have a proper manifestation that you control, it’s time to impress your thought form.
  12. : ^)
  13. The Thought Form: Since you’ve created this formation during the alpha state, it is in harmony with your thought patterns during this state of mind. It is also part of the primary standing resonance of the planet – which is also an alpha rhythm. More than likely, you have higher purposes in mind during your alpha rhythm, so feelings of anger, hatred and vengeance are out of the question. By the same token, your creation is meant for a higher purpose – like healing.healing thoughtsFor example, You can impress your creation with the archetype for healing thoughts. Simply will your creation to become this archetype in three dimensions with the healing colours of green. Then send this thought form to someone you love – like a message in a bottle.If you believe that you need emotional healing from a dark trauma in your life, then ask it to come into you.This is only one example. I advise you to study the hyperspace archetypes (dream symbols) in the Healer’s Handbook by Stewart Swerdlow. Our DNA structure is built upon hyperspace archetypes, so they are natural to thought forms because they get their energy from hyperspace – among other morphic fields.

On a side note, most people would say that Charles Cosimano is a pretty scary guy. If Mr. Cosimano saw what you created at Step 11, he would run with his tail between his legs. You have a full grown tiger compared to his little weasel.

Your thought form is an extension of you in the sense of being an off-spring. Practitioners of marrow/brain washing chi kung create they call a “baby buddha” through internal alchemy. You have created the same through external alchemy, in a fraction of the time, as a mass free entity.

Your thought form has the ability to instantly traverse the barriers of space and time to do your bidding. It has all the paranormal abilities you would expect from a “doppelganger” or your ghostly double self. Among the paranormal abilities it has are incidental psychokinesis; this means it fixes situations just right, so that all the pieces fit in the right place and everything happens mysteriously, but in the best possible way – synchronicity. This is God’s Gift to you. Use it under His Guidance, in His Glory.

Healing Thoughts,

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5 thoughts on “How Thought Forms Affect Us Every Day

  1. We need both sides of the coin. Psychoenergetics and neuroscience are both sides of the same coin. We can’t have one w/o the other. For this reason, I always defer to the old school methods of martial arts / meditation that exercise both physical and mental realms.

    We all have worthwhile thoughts. When those thoughts synchronize and resonate with the thoughts of others, they tend to become reality. These realities come to us in the form of goodness and/or lessons to be learned.

    Unfortunately, mainstream leaders with hidden agendas are counter-productive to the law of attraction. For example, politicians depend on our wishful thinking processes with their promises only to go back on their word to fulfill their hidden agendas. Mainstream media wants its audience to focus on depressing issues to further turn our hopes and dreams into amorphous clouds of trivial pursuit.

    For this reason, we must be OUR OWN LEADERS following the life-positive will of nature. If your beliefs are based in love rather than fear, this is easy.

  2. I am curious to know your thoughts on the follow up film to The Secret, “How Thoughts Become Things.” Is the Law of Attraction or Neuroscience really responsible for all the consequences in my life. seems pretty bold, considering we don’t even really know what the Law of Attraction is. Or is it simply my life is a result of real life efforts following the thoughts that I really value as worthwhile. A little confused about this?

  3. FYI: When you subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter (see links to the left), you get a free ebook entitled “Visual Ray Psionics” which contains this chapter on Thought Forms which you take with you at your convenience.

  4. Thanks for the info. Gave me insight on a relaxation technique Ive been working on. It is essential to just relax and stuff. Relaxation is also essential to activating the synchronicities, which are your sign that your thoughts are having an effect on your life directly proportional to the power and the intensity of the thoughts you are putting out

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