Video: New Cure For Mind Control?

I discovered this wealth of videos at through google alerts; it’s mostly a conspiracy type video blog. Guess what one of my google alerts is? Here is an extract from the video’s text: “Using fear and the threat of insecurity to manipulate the people, corporate media, in bed with government, over the years having […]

World War III plans for summer 2008

..Last December, when the National Intelligence Estimate downgraded the immediate nuclear threat from Iran, it seemed as if Fallon’s caution was justified. But still, well-placed observers now say that it will come as no surprise if Fallon is relieved of his command before his time is up next spring, maybe as early as this summer, […]

Prediction: American Economy

(extract from Cutting Edge Newsletter🙂 ..Doc (Marquis, former satanist) said that the Illuminati was convinced that Americans were so materialistic that they would never allow themselves to be pushed into the global system if they felt poor. Therefore, Americans are going to be kept feeling prosperous (feelings of security induce complacency such as the recent […]

Keys to Power Persuasion Test Question

Using the “siamese twins” technique of mirroring and matching we work on: Wearing the Same Clothes Being as physically close to the prospect as possible Looking like the prospect The mental level I’m still hungry to give away free prizes to the people who get the answers right to these test questions. You have at […]

Visual Ray Psionics

We’ve already talked about synchronising the breath with our prospect and using emotional freedom techniques as a form of telepathy. We’ve also talked about resonating the voice with our prospect. (You can review the Chakra Chord to refresh your memory.) Now, let’s get a little deeper into the esoterica of ancient keys to mind control. […]

LiuHeBaFa Philosophy

All’s fair in love and war.  In matters of mind control it’s important to first have a sense of martial morality before seeking ways to influence people.  A sense of martial morality is preferred since we do not want to put a dangerous weapon into the wrong hands.  Even between warriors on the battlefield, we maintain honor […]

The Chakra Chord in Mirroring and Matching

The chakra system of traditional Ayurvedic theory is part of the subtle human energy plane. Most of us speak from a set of three or more chakra in the body as we speak. These chakra are harmonically in line with our brain rhythms, whereas, we speak through the “tonic” chakra (as in music) according to […]

Please give mind control feedback

I like to gather information from different areas like a bee gathering pollen from different flowers with the singular intent of creating a nutrient rich mental substance known as Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter. To that effect, I also need to know the necessary mental requirements of those who I am feeding. Therefore, I […]