How do you choose to believe?

What’s the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge?

There’s a difference between believing in something logically rather than emotionally. I could go on and on until I’m blue in the face about the Law of Attraction or extra sensory perception, but it’s only head knowledge until you actually experience it for yourself. Drama in books, movies, and theatres is always hot topic because people are constantly looking for heart knowledge – even when only vicarious.

So when you come to a sight like this that outlines steps on how to become a better psychic, I completely understand that it just doesn’t mean much without that heart knowledge that goes hand in hand with it. You want more than just evidence. You want to believe that you have these intense psychic abilities, but how can you relate to it?

First, let me lay down the rules of gaining that heart knowledge on your own – not from the movies and not from the people around you who tell you how you should feel. You’re here now, so you have to be your own person. It’s time for you to be an individual.

When you come from the perspective of a decadent, life-negative society that atrophys our innate psychic abilities or when you come from a selfish perspective that makes you believe that money, power, and women are the keys to your happiness, then you will never have that heart knowledge.

I understand completely that most people (including myself) want to have that feeling that they have control in their lives. But if you approach this with the intention of being controlling, then you will never have that heart knowledge.

There may be those of you at this point asking, “well, what good is the law of attraction if I can’t be decadent, selfish, greedy, or controlling?” I’m not sure why you’re here then.

For those of you still here, we realise that heart knowledge leads to belief. Heart knowledge begins with feeling. As you know, heart knowledge is explosive in action compared to head knowledge.

Negative examples of heart knowledge are the knee jerk reactions we get when we know something is going to be awful or horrendous to our senses. Positive examples are from our reactions to pleasurable expectations and sensations. In the negative, we contract from that source of stimulation. In the positive, we expand towards that stimulus.

Decadent culture does not want humanity to advance

Our collective feelings shape our perceptions of this world, therefore, our belief systems.

Of course, there are those who feel disconnected to the world and the people around them, so they turn to mechanistic science as the crux of their belief system.

The problem with these disconnected people is they accept science insofar as it supports their belief system – like a religion; they reject anything that disturbs their emotionally secure belief systems, (so they’re like most people). Unfortunately, these sad, disconnected people are the force within mainstream science.

When someone like Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., comes along and presents esoteric yet irrefutable evidence of humanity’s psychic abilities through the Quantum Holographic Paradigm, mainstream scientists want nothing to do with it because it refutes their belief systems; they’re disconnected, so they believe everyone else is also disconnected.

Disconnected people constantly feel their emotionally secure paradigm threatened exactly because their paradigm is so insecure, so they enjoy explaining away psychic phenomena even though such phenomena fall completely within the realm of quantum electrodynamics.

In the same fold, they enjoy explaining away any scientific or spiritual phenomena that would truly advance humanity – because they feel so high and mighty that noone should advance without benefit of their mechanistic religio-science.

At the risk of disturbing your belief system, I’m asking you to use the following papers as proof of humanity’s ability to truly advance forward as beings of higher consciousness: Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram, Collective DNA Consciousness: Networked Intelligence, and The Holographic Universe. (I guess that would make Law of Attraction, the “Dartanian” of the four musketeers.) Yes, this is all dry, scientific proof with some wet and juicy examples of the way the universe really works: We are all a special variation of a holographic matrix.

You know what a hologram is – don’t you? Each piece of a hologram, no matter how small, still carries the same information of the whole; this is what makes each of us an aspect of God. Each of us carry the same information as the entire universe – think about it.

We are all born with innate psychic abilities because of the holographic paradigm. Extra sensory perception is really the first sense from the perspective of God, the spiritual realm, hyperspace, etc. The problem lies in our lack of use.

Like the mind, if not nurtured, our psychic senses atrophy. In that sense, choosing to believe goes beyond believing – doesn’t it? We need that experience and we need to feel that connection with the experience; that’s where we get our heart knowledge. Without that experience, we also feel disconnected.

Now, I’ve already provided psychic exercises for you at this site including visual ray psionics and thought forms. How often should you practice? All the time – it’s just like learning a musical instrument. But who’s there to remind you to practice?

Let’s face it: Decadent western culture presents a problem because there are no mainstream journalists, no politicians, no TV shows, no radio shows, no newspapers, no sales ads at Nordstroms or Safeway or the like, no priests, no family doctors reminding us to exercise our psychic abilities. There are a few teachers who help us, but they’re too few and far between.

Mainstream reminds us of the latest evils, the latest movies, the most troubled actors, the latest trends and trivial pursuits, but how many in the mainstream remind us to look to the skys and get in touch with the universe? None of them are reminding us to have sex either, so it’s all up to you. We begin with exercises we all know.

Psychic Keys

Prayer and Meditation are natural abilities. Prayer is asking God for help. Meditation is listening for answers. Noone needs any scholarly education to exercise these abilities. A scholarly approach helps us focus on psychic keys that help us further connect to the universe. This is the reason I set up Holy Life, HealingMindN: To help give you a scholarly approach to your prayers and meditation. Holy Scripture helps us to reveal those psychic keys.

These psychic keys are the same hyperspace archetypes that connects our minds to God (as explained in Stewart Swerdlow’s Healer’s Handbook: a Journey into Hyperspace). We are all born with complete access to these psychic keys.

But another problem lies in the decadent interpretation of psychic keys and dream symbols. Dry psychological culture endeavors to keep people grounded in physical reality with its disconnected interpretations. As a result, we become disconnected from the true source of these keys and symbols as they lose their spiritual meaning.

True: If we swamp our minds with trivial pursuit, mainstream sensationalism and commercialism, fear, worry, empty sex, etcetera, then those dry disconnected interpretations of us are completely valid. Such behaviour is within the boundaries of mainstream psychology, psychiatry and any associated “health” field where they believe they know what’s “best” for the people.

Let me reiterate: Anyone who brings up psychic abilities to the mainstream paradigm is attacked and berated by these dry, disconnected people. (Wilhelm Reich called them “emotional deserts.”) The actual, unmitigated scientific proof is explained away as nothing more than conjecture and anomolies.

Anything outside the heart knowledge of an emotional desert – even if remotely indicating human advancement – is considered anomolous, therefore, invalid. This type of attitude goes hand in hand with negative hallucinations (see Constructs of Belief).

What gets to me is when asking these emotional deserts, “then how do we advance humanity?” Their canned response is, “through real science!”


Still feeling disconnected? Let me try to offer proof that you’re not disconnected – from your experience: We all crave coherence. Coherence is the prerequisite for psychic phenomena like manifestation, precognition, out-of-body, telepathy, teleportation, remote viewing, and more.

Coherence is that feeling of being one with the universe. Coherence is what we get when all integrated parts of a system act in unison with parts of the universe. You can read any of the above papers, especially Nature’s Mind to further understand quantum coherence wherein we get quantum entanglement – more dry terminology?

OK. Euphoria. Do you know what euphoria feels like? For me, it’s intense, wave-like tingles coursing through every part of my body. You ever feel that? That’s your body reaching coherence. Through a simple thought, a feeling, revelation, an idea caused your body to become momentarily coherent. And what brings you the most coherence? Orgasm.

Not just any orgasm. Not from empty, spiritless swinger sex (advocated by satanists). In fact, there are sexaholics in the same fold as there are food addicts. I believe the paper on mineralised organic superfoods provides a good perspective: When we suffer from inner cellular starvation due to lack of essential nutrients in our foods, then we’re constantly hungry.

By the same token, sexaholics are suffering from that “inner starvation” from lack of coherence because their sex is as empty as the food source which causes obesity. People become gluttons for empty sex, food, and worse because they are suffering from that inner starvation.

This inner starvation for coherence is also what drives people to do funky, dangerous things to their bodys like drug addiction, fetishes, and worse. Some Kids crave coherence to such a dangerous degree that they get into the choking game because it provides euphoria, albeit, false-euphoria when the blood is simply rushing back into their brains. (These kids are gifted psychics who are starving to use their abilities.) Coherence is that “high” that people crave, but decadent culture prefers to have people debilitate their minds and bodys in order to achieve that “high” rather than advocate the advancement of humanity.


Enough about decadent culture. Let’s talk about you – and why you’re here. You crave coherence like anyone else. This is why you crave orgasm – not just any orgasm. You want the perfect orgasm. You want the kind that actually fills you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head – and beyond. This is why the site, Sexual HealingMindN, exists. This site is based on The Tao of Sexology, The Book of Infinite Wisdom” by Dr. Stephen Chang.

From what I’ve experienced, taoist sexology provides the most accessable psychic self-improvement exercises that help people achieve coherence; it advocates true love and spirituality between matching partners who are willing to pour themselves into each other with complete surrender and passion for each other.

These prerequisites are necessary for complete coherence wherein the woman acts as the carrier wave, bridge, or doorway to alternate realities as she reaches the nine wave of orgasm while the man rides that wave as the “signal” to God, so to speak, that he has achieved the necessary coherence for the heart knowledge. For this reason, the man is completely responsible for the health, happiness and well being of the woman in a relationship.

True: The sexual function is there for our procreation. It’s also there to fulfill our longing for cosmic convergence (according to Wilhelm Reich). It’s also there to help us achieve coherence because we’re not just physical beings: We are also spiritual beings intimately connected to physical bodies as part of a quantum holographic matrix known as the universe – and we want to feel that connectedness to the universe. We want that heart knowledge.

We don’t have to think about all these technical details to advance ourselves. What we want is the heart knowledge of achieving that experience, so let me ask you.

When is the last time you completely surrendered yourself to your partner in love, passion, and spirituality to achieve complete euphoria? How would you describe it? What did it feel like? What about when you discovered something that made you feel completely reborn inside? That intense feeling of revelation – what did it feel like?.. That’s your heart knowledge.

Now, focus on something else that caused the same feelings of euphoria within you. How did you achieve that “something else?” What steps did you take? Remember backwards on those events that took place just before you achieved euphoria. How did you get there?

Now, focus on something that you don’t have that would benefit you and the people around you. Focus on the feelings of euphoria that this extra “something” would bring to you and your loved ones. Focus on the euphoria of having this extra resource. How would you describe your feelings as you imagine this extra benefit helping others, as they, in turn, help you? Don’t just imagine. Remember backwards on those events that took place just before you achieved euphoria. Your heart knowledge guides your vision which is focused by your passion.

As long as you maintain your connectivity to God, you are your own greatest resource in the great circuit of life. Follow your heart’s knowledge through personal experience, then choose to believe.

Thanks for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S.  See “Hammering Iron in a Magnetic field” to get a different perspective from Mind Control Expert, Alan Tutt.

To see your law of attraction at work, there’s a psionic rain video located at Nature’s Mind and Collective DNA Consciousness. This is an actual rain radionic modulated upon alpha rhythm neural patterns. Specifically, this particular pattern is a Schumann resonance to help match standing wave resonance on this planet. Would you be so kind as to spend about four minutes on this video, then look into the sky. We need rain.

Thanks in advance.

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