Give Good Feelings for Mother’s Day

Are you inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth? Then you’ll love the enlightening and inspiring entertainment from Spiritual Cinema Circle. Join today and receive your first DVD FREE.

New Films

Guarding Eddy: This touching feature is based on the true story of 18 year-old Eddy Patterson, an autistic sports fanatic who dreams of playing pro-basketball. After running away to Los Angeles, Eddy lands in a homeless shelter where he meets pro-player Mike Jeffreys, who had given up on his own dream of the NBA because of a knee injury. The two men teach each other important lessons while discovering real friendship and a rebirth of possibility in their lives. A beautiful story that reminds us that we all face our challenges no matter how talented we seem to be, and we can all use a little help to stay on track.


Three-Fifty: This hilarious short film takes us into the world of two video store clerks who are tired of people arguing over late fees and a little nervous about keeping their customers loyal in the age of digital downloads.


Feathers to the Sky: Filmed in Uruguay, this beautiful short film depicts a young girl, living with her disabled grandfather, who is forced to sell `feathers’ (dyed marsh weeds) to support them both while she dreams of going to school with the other children in the village.


Body and Soul; Diana and Kathy: In the most touching documentary the SCC has ever had the privilege to program, we meet Diana and Kathy, activists, best friends, two parts who make a whole. They met almost 40 years ago in a home for the physically and mentally challenged and have been taking care of each other ever since while fighting for rights for those with disabilities. You will never forget these two incredible women and the difference they’ve made on the planet.

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