Economic Woes

$495 Billion Spent in Iraq Occupation
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) admonished the DOD’s “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT), for the 3rd year, citing a lack of transparency and accountability for the over $495 billion appropriated to this program so far. “Operation Iraqi Freedom” represents over $300 billion of that Federal spending; but according to their own report, “problems with the processes for recording and reporting GWOT costs raise concerns that these data may not accurately reflect the true dollar value of war-related costs.”

Peace Action Promotes Peaceful Budget Priorities
In the pursuit of a more peaceful Federal budget Peace Action has been a leader among those organizations calling for better diplomatic ties with Iran. Currently, our tax dollars are spent on veiled attempts at regime change, aggressive missile defense in Iran’s northern boarders and Navy aircraft carriers stationed off the Iranian coast.

This week, most likely Thursday, Congress will vote on YET ANOTHER supplemental funding bill for the illegal Iraq occupation. The total bill is $162.6 billion, including $70 billion for fiscal year 2009, keeping the funds for the occupation of Iraq flowing into the next administration. The additional funds will bring the total for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to $874 billion.

Call Congress and ask them to sign onto HR 5507 and not to fund this war supplemental. Our Policy Director, Paul Martin, helped draft some of this language for a peaceful withdrawal from Iraq (READ ABOUT 5507)

CALL: 202.224.3121

ASK: To be connected to your Congressperson by giving your District, Name or Zip Code.

TELL: Your Rep. to stop funding this illegal occupation and sign-on to a comprehensive exit strategy outlined in HR 5507.

REPORT: At the Peace Blog about how your call went!

The Democratic leadership is split. Some want to avoid a politically charged fight this close to an election. Some think that by tagging on much needed unemployment and Veterans benefits they will appease an American public sick of war and drowning in debt.

Send them a resounding message – we will not let you waste one more precious dollar on this illegal occupation. Instead that money should be used to redeploy our troops out of Iraq and focus on the crisis here at home. Call Congress tell them to STOP this supplemental and SUPPORT troop withdrawal by co-signing HR5507.

Take Action today, and then again tomorrow – diligence is our best tool in the struggle against tyranny and war. Make sure your representative knows where you stand.


Kevin Martin
Executive Director

Peace Action

Please Visit Economic HealingMindN. Discover for yourself how greed is the source of our financial woes; there are always a few private companies gaining while everyone else is losing. Politics and their figureheads are their personal tools.

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