LiuHeBaFa Philosophy: Follow Your Heart’s Desire

In Movement and in Stillness, follow your heart’s desire Throughout The Five Character Secrets of Li Dongfeng, you have had repeated to you over and over again in one form or another that you, through your thoughts, can change your world into whatever you wish. Some will takes this work to heart and manifest a […]

Social Mood: Influencing the Elements

I recently saw an informative movie online: History’s Hidden Engine. This documentary provides an excellent explanation of humanity’s behavior according to collective social mood (AKA “herd” behavior). Here is a synopsis: “History’s Hidden Engine is the result of more than three years of research and creativity by filmmaker David Edmond Moore. Moore traveled North America […]

Visual Ray Psionics: update

There’s been an update at Visual Ray Psionics. The title is now “Visual Ray Psionics: Key to Philosopher’s Stone.” For some reason, there’s been plenty of controversy concerning this subject matter, especially as it applies to the video I have at youtube, “How to make your own philospher’s stone.” It’s easy enough to find. When […]