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You might realise that I have a few videos on YouTube, one of which is entitled, “How to make your own Philosopher’s Stone.” In this video, I am simply demonstrating how m-state matter can be derived by stressing simple seawater.

The premise is that if we can do this with simple seawater, then imagine what the human body can do since we not only contain the same ingredients in trace amounts; we also have psychoenergetic, intention oriented physiology to create our own stress mechanisms and the subtle bioenergy fields created by those superconducting components in the microtuble networks to modify regular orbitally rearranged monatomic elements (ORMEs) into superconducting orbitally rearrange monatomic elements (S-ORMEs).

This video has a number of comments, most of them bad, and they are all brought on by the presiding, misdirected social mood of anger, frustration, and rage at the current state of affairs – most of which brings down morale. Most people get on the web to blow off steam against other innocent people.

I’m not going to go into any kind of exchange with you or anyone else to change yours or anyone else’s opinion, mind patterns, reality, or any other aspect of your life.

Instead, let me express my opinion by asking you, why don’t you look in the mirror and say, “that’s a healer and a great person who is capable of amazing things. As a result, the people around me are also great and capable of amazing things…

Why don’t you do that? Because I completely understand where you’re coming from. The people around us can be lowly. Look at Jessica Alba: She just has a baby, but look at all the vitriole that people are spewing at her. See this small article on her treatment of the birth of her baby at sfgate including all the vitriolic commentary.

And I thought most of the comments at my video were bad! How many people are wishing Jessica health, wealth, and well being for her baby and family? I barely count them on one hand! I’ve met these actors and actresses and they’re all good people who deserve the respect of fellow human beings.

You feel that you don’t have the supernatural control that I claim you have? This is understandable. Look at the sort of vitriole that’s constantly reported by mainstream news: Officials Struggle With Rise in Knife Crimes Among Britain’s Youths: “Too many people, young and old, do not feel safe in the streets, and sometimes even in their homes… Many people are growing up in environments where they feel they have very little to lose.”

It’s healthy to have a bit of skepticism, but the question is, are you allowing mainstream attitudes to control your opinion, thus shaping your reality? (That’s what mainstream news does; it shapes public opinion – and it’s made to bring people down.)

Do you really want to class yourself with these people who have so much misdirected anger, frustration and rage from the evils in this world that they get on the web to verbally attack innocent people?

You want proof of your supernatural abilities? It all starts with your own investigation. For starters, look up the works of: Dr. William A. Tiller in psychoenergetics and his proven clinical research with intention imprinted electronic devices; Case histories of emotional freedom techniques, an energy psychology founded by Gary Craig; DNA morphic research and spiritual science by Gregg Braden; Remote healing methods by Stewart Swerdlow; Remote viewing methods by Maj. Ed Dames; Remote Viewing and Influencing methods by Gerald O’Donnell; the list goes on.

I don’t know if you’re willing to face the facts, but you are a great person among many great people. You have the amazing ability to control your own reality. But are you more willing to cut off my nose in spite of your fate as a living conscious part of the holographic paradigm we call the universe?

Perhaps, you should try a few of the guided delta meditations at Gerald O’Donnell’s site, so you can really experience this for yourself. You can also try my guide on Visual Ray Psionics at to see how you control the elements.

Peace and Good Will,


P.S. See the good in yourself, so you can see the good in the rest of the world.

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4 thoughts on “HealingMindN answer to skepticism

  1. Rule of thumb, this applies to everyone of good moral conscience: If you don’t have anything good or constructive to say, just don’t say it. The same principle applies to the web as in real life. When visiting another person’s site, automatic nay-saying just for the sake of making conversation or blogging just doesn’t cut it. Such opinions are a dime a dozen.

    Take a good look at the way human society is working now. The truly gifted people are few and far between while the auto nay-sayers are running rampant. I don’t blame you for your negative attitude. It’s not your fault.

    Of course, I’m my own greatest skeptic. I could also say that the evidence that I’ve gathered “falls on the true side of science.” But that wouldn’t be right. Both conventional and unconventional science both do legitimate hypotheses, experiments, and conclusions. Sometimes the evidence is irrefutable. Other times it isn’t.

    Andy, this is for you and everyone else with your attitude: Before you go around berating people, spend an honest amount of your time and effort studying their work, testing their methods, then come to your own conclusion. If your conclusion is negative, present your evidence, not just nay-saying.

    Time and effort in scientific experiment requires the kind of discipline when practicing a martial art in a dojo. If you fear the discipline of a dojo and it’s sensei, then you fear the discipline required for true scientific experiment.

    You lend yourself to true human advancement when your “free will” is disciplined towards that achievement.

    Thanks for your time,

    Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man

  2. Of course it’s possible I’m wrong. I hold that option VERY open. I’m far from perfect and am only privvy to a small fraction of the evidence that’s out there. But the evidence I follow falls on the scientific side where independence reins supreme. Science has delivered us so many advances, like this very internet, so I have little reason to doubt it. I’m not seeing any progress attributed to anything outside of science.

    But I could be wrong. You should not mistake ridicule on my blog for blank dismissal. People find humour in many places, some make careers of it.

    Are you open to the possibility that you’re wrong? For example, you reference Ed Dames’ website – a website dedicated top selling product. Why should I not be skeptical of him, especially when there appears so much evidence that he is not what he claims to be?

    In other words, I may be choosing to follow the “wrong” evidence – but is there any possibility, in your mind, that you might be wrong?

    Now, in this response you were quite reasonable but in you other you dismissed me as a troll without addressing a single word I’d written. As I said there, if ad hominem is to be your main approach to discussion, then rest assured I shan’t return.

  3. Andy, I can see how you represent a great portion of mainstream attitudes; you’re trained to think this way from an early age like the people in Cuba who are trained to praise Che Guavera in grade school or communism in Russia. I’m sorry, but that’s where your mind pattern is right now. You’re comparing fairytales and frauds to human achievement.

    People are born naturally scientifically inquisitive. Skepticism kicks in when frauds push fairytales, thus causing negative psychic feedback. The more negative feedback that a person receives in his life, the more he believes this is part of the natural world.

    Andy, you’re reaction is natural. I don’t blame you for your attitude because there ARE so many hucksters such as the ones in Nigeria trying to take advantage of innocent people.

    These hucksters want nothing to do with a Healing Mind or having healing connections with people around. They were raised differently, thus, they have a different outlook on life. The problem is it almost looks like you’re putting me in the same class with hucksters.

    Let me ask you: Is it possible that some small part of you has considered all the evidence of psychic research and psychoenergetics? Is it possible that you haven’t seen all the evidence there is to see or looked into every bit of research outside of the mainstream? Is it possible that small part of you WANTS to look into all the evidence, but there’s something holding you back? Some inner voice?

    Is it possible that small part of you actually seeks the truth? To completely understand before refuting evidence – yet to be seen?

  4. I don’t disbelieve psychic phenomena because I don’t experience it personally. I disbelieve because I’ve never seen anyone demonstrate it even when they insist they do have it.

    Sure I could look in the mirror and tell myself to just close my mind to the evidence and believe anyway. I could also choose to believe I can fly, then jump off a cliff. I could choose to believe in unicorns, leprechauns, fairies, Santa Claus and trolls under the bridge.

    I could choose to believe everything is true. There are some people in Nigeria who wish I would ignore the evidence that they are frauds and just believe what they claim. There’s a few used-car salesmen who get annoyed at my skepticism when they insist their cars aren’t overpriced, despite the evidence. Old people are targeted on a regular basis by people offering bottom dollar for their shares and others knocking on their doors and asking for money for work they have no intention of doing.

    The frauds win when people abandon natural skepticism and replace it with unfettered belief.

    Skepticism isn’t about denying possibility. Many of use believe psychic powers could be possible. All we ask for is evidence – but that seems too much to ask. Sorry, but I prefer to keep an open mind on these things.

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