Interpreting Media: TV Mind Control NLP

Fox News strikes again with yet another double speak interview; this time with Kevin Barret, professor of Winconsin U. The Kitchen Synch blog got there before me, so here are three < ten minute interviews at Interpreting Media – TV Mind Control. Fox News “journalists” of the “most powerful news network on television,” (so they […]

Neural Technology: Enhanced Subliminal Response

Electronic binoculars from Northrop Grumman team to detect threats through brain activity LINTHICUM, Md., 23 Aug. 2008. Everyone who has ever watched the Star Wars films from George Lucas has probably at one moment wished they had Jedi abilities such as mind control or what Lucas called Jedi reflexes – knowing something will happen a […]

Dr. William Tiller lecture: higher gauge symmetry, quantum vacuum

This first of three lectures by Dr. William Tiller helps us understand concepts on psychoenergetics. I would like to elucidate a few of the terminologies he employs since they tend to go over the head of most people. In fact, he wants most people to understand through their own practice of meditation for example to […]

Philosopher’s Stone, ORMEs, ORMUS FAQ

I am constantly deluged with questions concerning a video I made in deriving the philosopher’s stone. All the questions are through youtube, because that’s where the video is: How to make your own Philosopher’s Stone. The most recent question pretty much sums up all the previous questions. You see, people want change; they want alchemy, […]

Remote Viewing is Mindfulness Meditation

A plethora of resources exist on the web on Remote Viewing as well as Mindfulness Meditation. My opinion on Mindfulness at Mind Body Medicine expounds on the fact that we are born with the natural ability to focus on the present on any particular function of the body. We all have the innate ability to […]