Remote Viewing is Mindfulness Meditation

A plethora of resources exist on the web on Remote Viewing as well as Mindfulness Meditation. My opinion on Mindfulness at Mind Body Medicine expounds on the fact that we are born with the natural ability to focus on the present on any particular function of the body. We all have the innate ability to focus on small things like the flow of our breathing and large things like the flow of our oceans.

I contend that Mindfulness Meditation is an ability with which we are all born. By the same token, Remote Viewing is an ability with which we are all born. Of course, you say that this is an ability with which we must be trained and disciplined to really experience. True, the same concept applies to Mindfulness Meditation. But this doesn’t mean that do not also experience these things at some level.

If you’ve read my Meditation Guide, then you know that I refer to those instances when you were a kid daydreaming in school as a form of meditation. We all also experience small instances here and there of psychic anamolies like:

  • Auto writing: As a kid did you ever find your hand with pencil just kind of going off on its own, drawing or writing things that you don’t quite understand? This is of the traits of remote viewing wherein you just let your hand follow your thought patterns.
  • Precognition: As a kid did you ever dream about what you were doing the next day, then go to school the next day to find yourself doing what you did in your dream? I still remember those times when the teacher thought I was nuts or get mad if I told her that we did this “yesterday.”
  • Clairvoyance: Did you ever think of someone who called or showed up at your doorstep a few moments later?
  • Synchronicity: Did you experience a moment when you had exactly the answers or resources you needed at exactly the time you needed them?

These are just a few moments of psychic anomolies which indicate that you already have all the tools for extra sensory perception. Training is for enhancing and focussing your psychic abilities.

The problem is the present paradigm of decadent western culture is not interested in any of those special abilities. Mindfulness is the most basic one, but how can grade school teachers teach Mindfulness to students if it was trained out of them at an early age. They can’t, so the decadent cycle continues.

Fortunately, there are a few teachers who are catching on to give their students the edge in their studies. I would like to provide you with an academic interpretation of Mindfulness Meditation then of Remote Viewing, so you can understand how the two abilities are inter-related.

Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve examined the Wikipedia definition and as a complementary alternative therapy as it applies lately to helping ailing patients in these departments of integrative medicine as administered by “experts” in “psychoneuroimmunology.”

At the moment, I’m interested in how an educator would define it because I, like many others, would like to see Mindfulness Meditation taught to kids in school to help them focus.

From College Teaching Methods & Styles Journal – April 2008, we have an article entitled, “Educating For Tolerance And Compassion: Is There A Place For Meditation In A College Classroom?” by Lana Zinger, Queensborough Community College. This paper in .pdf format should serve as a standard for all educators, so I hope you pick up your own copy.

Just in case you’re worried that such an educator is suffering from some kind of boogady woogady new age nonsense to teach kids how to contact UFO’s or ghosts, the following is Zinger’s actual intention towards her students:

Imagine A Classroom …

  • Where there is minimal waste of time, confusion or disruption.
  • Where a no-nonsense, work oriented tone prevails but there is a relaxed pleasant atmosphere.
  • Where mutual respect is established.
  • Where non-judgmental views are expressed when tackling controversial topics.
  • Where we develop realistic ways of teaching and learning that moves us toward compassion and tolerance.

Contemplative practices are used to facilitate mindfulness in students, which can be characterized as the capacity to concentrate on the here and now. The goal is to have students become more attentive in the classroom or more focused on what they are reading or discussing.

It is as if contemplative activity can cleanse the mind so that it can engage more fully with what one is currently experiencing even when living in a highly stressful environment.

In the field of education, contemplative practices have been integrated into programs of teacher preparation so that they can become a source for innovative pedagogy, in which they help to shape not only how the teacher interacts with students but also how students interact with each other…

My goal was to teach the students to focus on issues in the classroom by tapping into their individual experiences of compassion and meaning. Compassion, of course, cannot be taught but it can be discovered or remembered. I’ve discovered that simple breath meditation can transform students’ fundamental relation to themselves and their surrounding communities…

I think it’s even more important to examine how academic productivity rises according to Ms. Zinger’s experience of teaching Mindfulness to her students:

Why I teach meditation in my classroom?

Classroom Management through Meditation-I use meditation in the classroom when controversial issues arise. My goal was to teach students to be less reactive to life’s annoyances and to respect one another’s opinions.

Perception and Diversity– To help my students in understanding different points of view, expressing empathy and appreciating diversity.

Anger Management and Other Emotions-To teach my students how to cope with emotions such as sadness, fear and stress, and to sensitize students to their anger cues, triggers and style.

Effective Communication– To increase communication skills by teaching reflective listening, the use of I-statements and non-inflammatory ways of expressing one’s needs and emotions.

There are a number of other important reasons for bringing contemplative pedagogy into any classroom:

  • Reduced stress levels and lowered anxiety can have a noticeable effect on classroom productivity.
  • Decreases in school absenteeism.
  • Increased concentration and focus.
  • Improved memory; and a greater ability to ―be in the moment‖, to remove yourself from the chaos (centeredness).
  • Less stress when taking exams.
  • Less panic attacks and anxiety especially during public speaking.

Meditation and mindfulness lets the students perceive the world, the classroom and other people more openly, with more compassion…

You know what? Ms. Zinger is our dream teacher. We should have someone like her at every level of education. College kids in decadent society are not much better than they were as grade school kids because they don’t have anyone actively opening their minds and hearts to compassion and empathy.

Imagine having compassionate, empathetic kids who understand and feel the needs of the people around them rather than – something else; this is what most parents have because their kids want to emulate them.

I hear what you’re saying that compassion and empathy are moot points in the current corporate and social culture which is run by dispassionate, unempathetic, mindless adults.

Not really. Certain companies like Google for example, have regular meditation classes now in order to increase their productivity. More companies will catch on as they learn how their productivity levels can potentially rise by being “Mindful.” There are several “corporate meditation programs” that can be googled on the web exactly for this purpose.

Let’s examine Ms. Zinger’s practical definition of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of training the mind to focus in a steady and non-judging way on the different phases of human experience. With mindfulness meditation, we learn to experience non-judgmentally. A practice of seeing clearly, seeing things as they truly are, being aware of experiences…

Guess what? This is how Remote Viewing begins.

Remote Viewing

I’ve listened to these mp3’s that can be downloaded from Gerald O’Donnell’s site on Remote Viewing and Influencing; they all begin with focusing of phases of human experience, basically your sensations, while seeing things clearly, as they truly are, and being aware of all your experiences.

Then Gerald continues with the bonuses wherein you practice by expanding your internal light energies, first by a few feet. Then you focus on those sensations you experienced and remember them. With each practice, you expand your internal light energy further while remaining in the moment of those sensations and remembering them each time for the next session.

Remote Viewing is, in fact, next level Mindfulness Meditation wherein you are expanding your senses far beyond your body. To most adults, such a practice is nonsense and boulderdash, but remember: The big intelligence operations including CIA and FBI, west European Intel Ops, and your local police force have used psychics to help them “spy on the enemy” and unravel mysteries.

Besides Gerald O’Donnell, you probably already know of Maj. Ed Dames who with his crew have already helped solve a number of crimes with their local police. Although most people do not understand the science attached to Remote Viewing, there is science outside of the mainstream wherein remote viewers like to refer to “The Matrix” or the “Akashic Records.”

In fact, there’s a forum of Remote Viewers at TRV News that constantly refers to “The Matrix. This site has an animated flash video that explains “technical remote viewing” which refers to “The Matrix.”

The Stewart Swerdlow definition of Akashic Records: “Imprinted information on the group mind of a species.” This means when people are remote viewing, they are tapping into the “Matrix,” or the collective human intelligence all around them.

I’m pretty sure that the Akashic Records refers specifically to the group mind of a species while The Matrix refers to universal intelligence – for example, beyond the human species. Altogether, these sources form a collective consciousness. Rupert Scheldrake and William Tiller also agree on the concept of collective consciousness as the mind within “The Matrix.”
Now you know why I expound on these papers on Collective DNA Consciousness, Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram, and the Holographic Paradigm. These papers attempt to explain the holographic model of the universe and how we fit in that model with ourselves functioning as holographic entities.

In order for you to be able to tap into human collective consciousness, you have to have all the qualities imbued through mindfulness meditation.

Navy SEAL officer’s report on ‘remote viewing’ urges ‘transcendent’ intelligence postulates further on what expanding the consciousness through remote viewing does for the practitioners:

..In fact, we might consider that variations on Bremseth’s term transcendent warfare could be “transcendent operations” or “transcendent solutions.” These terms provide a broader scope of use for remote viewing and other kinds of anomalous cognition.

Disease, poverty, hunger, injustice, crime, drug abuse, slavery, child abuse, political corruption, pollution of natural resources, emerging climate change and similar serious problems that currently challenge us may also be useful targets for transcendent operations and transcendent solutions.

For people interested in these problems and possible solutions, as well as the national defense applications that Navy SEAL officer Bremseth explored in his paper, the unconventional, unusual and transcendent phenomena of remote viewing and anomalous cognition seem to be valuable resources.

Bremseth demonstrated courage and insight to tackle such a sensitive topic for his Marine Corps War College report. His paper is worthwhile reading for anyone with an open mind and an interest in human potential.

In fact, if taken to its natural and logical conclusion, Bremseth’s concept of transcendence would bring us to a better world and achieve the peace, security, happiness, prosperity, beauty and discovery that, for now, we can only dream of…

This is basically an extention of what Lana Zinger wants her students to accomplish in the world through “Mindfulness:” A Spiritually, Morally, and Culturally Advanced World. Training Mindfulness like Remote Viewing helps to Save Humanity.

The Matrix

Some of you might be saying that I’m just postulating based on platitudes and hyperbole, that, in fact, I speak of pseudo-science and nothing more. The proof is in the pudding. Isn’t it? Or, shall I say, scientific experiment.

Now, you could look up the white papers through Dr. Tiller’s Site on Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices (IIED). Tiller had numerous controlled experiments that provide the necessary data for you to understand that human intention is key to precipitating reality.

You might insist that psychic experiments have failed too many times to actually prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ESP exists. But according to Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, the success rate of a psychic is a function of environmental factors such as body chemistry, terrestrial magnetism, and solar activity – all of which vary over time; and that is why experiments of the paranormal appear to fail. When the regression model is expanded to include these factors the success rate of psychics becomes statistically significant.

Let’s consider Dean Radin’s experiments on random number generator’s concerning the event of 9/11/01 before you dismiss the idea of collective consciousness.

If anything, Dean’s findings have proved that the human collective consciousness itself is non-linear in respect to the time of the event and non-local in the respect that the random number generators were affected all over the world in and around the relatively local event of 9/11/01.

You need to understand that the human mind does not operate in a linear, local sense. Your mind’s only attachement to physical reality is your body. The human mind actually operates in a non-linear, non-local basis as a living extention of the holographic paradigm we know as the universe.Mindfulness allows you to center on your inner sensations which happen to be reflections of outside physical reality. We are microcosms reflecting the macrocosm of the universe. Each of us are pieces of the hologram we call the universe – And each piece still carries the same information as the rest of the universe. You have the same amount of information as the rest of the universe.

Water crystal replication study

Jan 9th, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009

Radin, D., Lund, N., Emoto, M., Kizu, T. (2008). Effects of distant intention on water crystal formation: A triple-blind replication. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 22(4), 481-493.

An experiment tested the hypothesis that water exposed to distant intentions affects the aesthetic rating of ice crystals formed from that water. Over three days, 1,900 people in Austria and Germany focused their intentions towards water samples located inside an
electromagnetically shielded room in California. Water samples located near the target water, but unknown to the people providing intentions, acted as “proximal” controls. Other samples located outside the shielded room acted as distant controls.

Ice drops formed from samples of water in the different treatment conditions were photographed by a technician, each image was assessed for aesthetic beauty by over 2,500 independent judges, and the resulting data were analyzed, all by individuals blind with respect to the underlying treatment conditions.

Results suggested that crystal images in the intentionally treated condition were rated as aesthetically more beautiful than proximal control crystals (p = 0.03, one-tailed). This outcome replicates the results of an earlier (double blind) pilot test.

When you remote view, you are observing extentions of yourself. I know. It’s difficult to fathom that anything outside of yourself is an extention of you. Decadent society doesn’t train us to think that way; that’s why it lacks compassion and empathy.

As you understand, it’s far more than realising that remote viewing is mindfulness meditation. It’s about taking advantage of our natural gifts to go forward as a race.

Instead of war, famine, disease, and economic depravity, we should have extended ourselves towards the stars already. Instead of contemplating habitation on Mars, we should be there right now. The science exists to rehabitate Mars right now. And there’s so much more wonderful science that needs to be tapped.

I can only ask you to find a way to be “Mindful” – not only of where you are in your career, your love life, or your studies. I ask you to be mindful of where we are as a species – and be that advanced human that helps remote view the advancement of humanity.

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The quantum vacuum and the singularities of integrated consciousness create the basic infrastructure of the universe – the essence of remote viewing

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2 thoughts on “Remote Viewing is Mindfulness Meditation

  1. Interesting. Have you considered all the resources poured into remote viewing by Stanford Research Institute, gov’t intel-ops like CIA, our local police forces and then some? Why would a world reknowned scientific research facility like SRI pour so many resources into the “pseudo-science” of remote viewing over a decade if they were not producing results?

    BTW: I’ve looked at your blog, and I know you’re a troll. Trolls have an intensely negative outlook on life because of their own life experiences. Negative mentality is not balanced. Like I said on your other post, I don’t blame you. You’re a product of society which tends to treat the world like nothing but a resource to be exploited and the rest of the universe like nothing that deserves deep introspection – like it doesn’t exist.

    What you need is some discipline. Get away from the computer and take up sports like martial arts. What’s more, you need a sensei who really puts the hammer down when you step out of line.

    When you learn some mental discipline, try a few psychic exercises for expanding your consciousness. You’ll be glad you did.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. Just to clarify, there is no mainstream and non-mainstream science. When some people hear “science” they immediately picture lab coats, test tubes and beakers but that isn’t “science” it’s just one or two aspects of some scientific experiments.

    Science is simply analysis through controlled experiment. It’s testing things and replicating those tests and recording outcomes. It doesn’t matter if it’s testing physics or chemistry or biology or astrology or psychic powers, science is just science. You could call it “rigidly controlled testing” if you like.

    The alternative to science is pseudo-science which means, literally, something which pretends to be, or claims to be, science but which ignores the central principles of the scientific method. More often than not, pseudo-science fails through inadequate controls, blinding or from retro-fitting failed test results to deliver a desired outcome.

    That some things repeatedly fail appropriate scientific testing is not a failure of science or the scientific method, it is simply the repeated failure of the claim being tested. If the scientific method has to be abandoned or altered in order to get a successful outcome, then you’d wandered into pseudo-science.

    Some will say science can’t test the unknown but it can test the effects of the unknown even if the mechanism is not understood. So, while it may be some time before psychic powers could be thoroughly explained, science is immensely capable of testing any real-world application of psychic powers. If the effects can’t be tested then they are, by definition, not real. And that appears to be the situation as it stands currently.

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