Video: CIA Mind Control

During the Cold War, the CIA launched a highly classified program aimed at mastering the art of mind control. U.S. Soldiers may be in it for God and Country, but what exactly is the U.S. Gov’t’s intention with all the druggings, shockings, poisonings and brain washings of American Citizens? Your answers are deeply appreciated. Thanks!

Video: Super Human Morals of a Qigong Master

excerpt from: Return of the Jedi: Five Questions with a Neigong Expert neigong (pronounced nay-gung): the science of observing, strengthening and directing bio-energy, or chi. A repository of extraordinary skills such as telekinesis, pyrogenesis, telepathy, remote viewing and levitation, the esoteric Eastern school known as Mo-Pai has been described as a real-life order of Jedi […]