eBook Give Aways at Way of the Mind Gate

I have a lot of ebooks that I want to give to subscribers of Way of the MindGate Newsletter.

I have resale rights to these books, but I prefer to give them away in the spirit of sharing and for sharing goodness in the world. I believe there are too many people who want to sell information that’s readily available on the web for free.

By giving these ebooks on hypnosis, mind control, NLP and other mental disciplines, I’m helping my subscribers understand the context for a lot of the material which I discuss here and a few other places. I’m also helping to create a level playing field for every subscriber at Way of the MindGate. I want everyone to know the same information, so no one gets left behind.

In that sense, Way of the MindGate is like an academic class with text books, but the only testing that’s done is what you do in the field of your own life. I believe it’s a method that you will truly appreciate because you will be educated to understand the most prolific persuasion tactics by training to use them for yourself .

When you sign up for Way of the MindGate Newsletter, please look up the special edition entitled “How to share goodness using NLP Tools” wherein you will find a link that allows you to download your personal copy of “Rex / Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course.”. This is the present ebook give away at the time of this writing.

This offer is good until the next give away where I’ll give away yet another useful eBook, which may have something to do with CIA tactics. If so, then it’s a big one.

Thanks for your time,

Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man

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