Remote Viewing planets and crop circles for fun

The following video covers hits and misses by remote viewers of official and “unofficial” projects concerning alien bases on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. The presenter, Dr. Hein, also covers crop circles in a little more detail than the other subject matter. I assume because of his own personal experience of remote viewing in this […]

Spiritual Cinema Circle Hidden Film Gem

Dear Friends, If you had to choose one memory in which you would spend eternity, could you? This is the premise of After Life, the thought-provoking Japanese film available in the Spiritual Cinema Circle, Volume 11, 2008 DVD collection. After Life is a Spiritual Cinema classic and this year’s carefully chosen “hidden gem.” It’s a […]

Self Control: Mind over Body

Background Controlling the autonomic responses like heart rate is quite familiar to practitioners of chi kung and just about every other kind of meditation. The difference between chi kung meditation and other types is that we utilise different kinds of “body breathing” techniques through the flesh and bones, especially when we induce proper “chi” flow […]