Dr. William Tiller Lecture, parts 2 and 3

This is a continuation from part 1 of Dr. William Tiller’s Video lecture on higher guage symmetry.

Actually, part 2 contains pieces from part 1 and part 3 sounds like the last two minutes of part 2, so you haven’t missed much since my last analysis. Here are parts 2 and 3 of that lecture:

This is a very interesting subject of releasing the potential from the quantum vacuum, conditioning space, and creating higher guage symmetry through intention.

I don’t know how many technicians in the biochemical, pharmaceutical or metallurgical industries would be willing to apply their intention to increase their yield of a certain stock, even though Dr. Tiller has already proven the viability of doing exactly that.

I imagine that the job on applying intention to increase yields in certain categories would be good for an outsource company – unless we raise the consciousness of people working in these industries.

What Dr. Tiller did not mention is that people of a lower consciousness would fail in this respect of applying intention towards conditioning space to increase potential for a higher yields of certain items; this sort of of activity requires a lot of focus and an open mind which is the attribute of a higher consciousness, or a higher vibration.

The idea of conditioning space is nothing new. You can read about how you condition the space around you using your visual ray using the full disclosure course on Visual Ray Psionics.

In this eBook (obtained through Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter), there are several experiments on exploring your visual ray. Your visual ray carries several energy emanations which act as a carrier for biophotons, namely your thought intentions.

For example, one of the experiments has your visual ray cloud busting using your intention; you are conditioning the space in clouds miles high and breaking them up.

The real objective of Visual Ray Psionics is to have you create your own thought form. Basically, you are creating an energy orb, the same kind that has been photographed around crop circles and people performing samgita music.

In essence, you are conditioning the space through your visual ray, first by raising the potential, then releasing it into an orb or thought form.

In reality, Dr. Tiller has been rediscovering something that the ancient esoteric alchemists knew all along; that human beings have natural gifts capable of supernatural powers that can help push humanity forward in every aspect of industry and culture – when given a chance.

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[Dr. William A. Tiller was a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University from 1964 to 1992, and department chairman from 1966-1971. In 1992 he became Professor Emeritus, and has been actively involved in research at Stanford. He was also an associate editor for the Journal of Holistic Medicine, and has published more than 90 additional papers in the area of psychoenergetics.

He has been a consultant to government and industry in the fields of metallurgy and solid state physics, and an associate editor of two scientific journals, and has published more than 250 scientific papers and three technical books. He has had five patents issued in the conventional science areas. In 1997, he published Science and Human Transformation, a book on pschoenergetics. His latest book, Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics, is not in the stores yet but may be ordered by calling 888-281-5170 in the U.S., or 620-229-8979 for international callers.

Dr. Tiller’s fields of specialization are crystal growth, surfaces and interfaces, physical metallurgy, semiconductor processing, thin film formation, and computer simulation.

Other articles by Dr. Tiller available on the Internet include: Subtle Energies (from Science & Medicine, May/June 1999); The Law of Cause and Effect, a white paper; and Energy Fields and the Human Body (1976). His website is at tiller.org.

You can find Dr. Tiller’s publications at the HealingMindN Media Shop]

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