Remote Viewing planets and crop circles for fun

The following video covers hits and misses by remote viewers of official and “unofficial” projects concerning alien bases on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. The presenter, Dr. Hein, also covers crop circles in a little more detail than the other subject matter. I assume because of his own personal experience of remote viewing in this realm:

You’ll notice that Dr. Hein sees individuals creating this crop circle. If he doesn’t assume too much about these individuals and the way they’re building the crop circle, then he’s correct. Remember from my post on Orbs, Ball Lightning, and Vacuum Domains where you see a video of orbs creating a crop circle. These orbs are thought forms. This means they actually do represent the mind patterns of individuals as if they are actually there.

To help you have a grasp of how a crop circle is an emanation of mind patterns, please refer to the paper on Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram. Between neural synapses we have a form of interferometry going that creates quantum holograms, three dimensional pictures at the quantum level.

Your computer is delivering macro-scale information to you now on your screen from a micro-level of bits. The difference with the human mind is that there are all kinds of sensations and feelings attached to that information between the synapses; this is what makes it multi-dimensional.

When that quantum holographic information becomes externalized from your mind, you express it in many ways – not just a computer screen. What’s even more interesting is that your mind is a living part of nature. Your mind is a piece of the super-hologram we know as the universe; this means that it contains the same information as rest of the universe.

Your mind is always resonating with nature because those quantum holograms between your synapses are entangled with every bit of the universe. Now, you might ask, “Well, how come I don’t know everything then? Why do I have to go to school if that’s the case?”

Think about it. What are mainstream public schools teaching us? Does it have anything to do with remote viewing or enhancing any of our psychic abilities beyond retaining academic information?

If you will notice in the video, which is part one of three if I’m not mistaken, it’s a matter of gathering sensual, intuitive evidence from a certain place, person, or object. It’s a matter of focussing because if you remember from history class, when you focus on certain places or people from another era, you gain this intuition about what it was like. You tend to feel and sense the same things.

This is our nature: To be sympathetic and have empathy towards other people, places, and things. When we don’t do this, when we don’t have sympathy and empathy, we’re going against our nature, so we’re being less than human. Sympathy and empathy are key to remote viewing.

The same happens with fiction. When the writer provides details of the sensations and feelings of the central characters, we can put ourselves right there and feel what it’s like for ourselves in the most vicarious fashion. If we cannot imagine it, then we draw upon our cognitive commitments to compare to our previous experience to extrapolate the vicarious experience.

(Think of Ezekiel, chapter 1 and how he drew upon his congnitive commitments to describe what was actually happening. Yes, Ezekiel, Chap. 1 is talking about a UFO, it’s inhabitants and its internal workings.)

Quite simply, when we have enough sympathetic vibration from a person, place, or thing, we gain intuition about them, but we have to focus to do this. If there is anything that remote viewers have demonstrated is that they do not multi-task or else they would have predicted the events of 9-11-01.

Personally, I think this is a shame because we should have psychic training that sounds our alarm bells if things are about to go wrong. (Actually, Ed Dames did predict problems with the economy because this is where he likes to focus – look him up at youtube.) Even better, properly trained individuals should be able to control their own environment as a form of the Law of Attraction to keep evil things from happening.

Like I mentioned at the post on Ball Lightning, Orbs, and Vacuum Domains, we can train ourselves to externalize out thought forms into these phenomena, but only with great discipline. When you create your own orb through Visual Ray Psionics, that’s you. In essence, it’s the psychoenergetic reflection of you. And this is who Dr. Hein sees when he sees “people” creating crop circles.

The problem is all of this takes intense mental discipline which is not taught in modern day western society – eastern too from what I’ve experienced. Yes, mainstream martial arts and military training provides focus and determination, but that’s it. If anything, the military wants to load us up with subliminal technology, so we can use those artificial psychic disciplines on the battlefield to kill “the enemy.”

I believe that Gerald O’Donnell’s school, Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, touches on all these points that I covered. I believe that using his methods that you can learn to multi-task remote view, so the alarm bells do go off before something goes wrong – even better than “Spidey” senses.

You’ve heard of spiritual intervention from your ministers or priest to keep bad things from happening, so we only precipitate good things – have you? Maybe you’ve heard of Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light” during WWII as I discussed at Holy Life, HealingMindN. I believe Gerald’s School is in the same fold as all of this and a little bit more. Maybe you should try the free RV audios at his site, so you get a taste of what it really is to remote view and influence the matrix:

Free Yourself, Review and Influence the Matrix

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