Mind Control Paradigm vs. Self Discipline

Stewart Swerdlow – History of Mind Control Mind Control: “The ability of a person or thing to have manipulative ability over another.” Programming: “Imprinting or compartmentalization of a person’s thought process or mind pattern for specific purposes.” “Both are life long processes…” Example: Commercial imprinting where the same TV commercial is shown three times in […]

A brain case for energy psychology and EFT

I recall reading this one article at Gary Craig’s site on emotional freedom techniques: “Working with trauma – the connection between EFT and the Amygdula.” At the time, I did’t think much of it because my precepts of EFT rely on tapping into higher gauge symmetry as theorized by Dr. William Tiller on the energy […]

Evidence of Quantum Brain Activity

extract from The Secret Life of the Brain: The meditating mind WHEN Zen Buddhists meditate, they may be deliberately switching off their default network, a recently discovered system within the brain that has been strongly linked with daydreaming (see main story).The goal of Zen meditation is to clear the mind of wandering, stream-of-consciousness thoughts by […]

Sexuality and Higher Consciousness

The article on Sexual Intercourse Is Like Meditation may be a puzzle for most people. That is, it’s a puzzler for most people in western society where sexuality is considered a “hush-hush” subject. If you’ve visited my site at Sexual HealingMindN, you saw that the Taoist and Hindu perspectives on sex are very similar. In […]

You are Here to Heal Your Mind: Spiritual Healing

Do you know why you’re here looking for a Healing Mind? There are few other reasons for being here right now at this moment other than to Heal. Milton Erickson proved this principle in his practice. Here’s an example: The legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson was once visited by a psychiatrist who complained that several other […]