You are Here to Heal Your Mind: Spiritual Healing

Do you know why you’re here looking for a Healing Mind? There are few other reasons for being here right now at this moment other than to Heal. Milton Erickson proved this principle in his practice. Here’s an example:

The legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson was once visited by a psychiatrist who complained that several other therapists had tried and failed to cure his ailments. He asked Erickson to treat him, but only as “a fellow psychiatrist, with none of that funny hypnosis stuff.” Though Erickson agreed, he had other plans:

Erikson met his client’s gaze with unwavering eyes. “Now,” he declared in his hypnotic southwestern drawl, “it is fine for you not to want to undergo hypnosis and I will treat you as a psychiatrist, but for now please kindly fix your eyes on that clock on the wall over there…”

Sure enough, Erickson’s masterful technique (combined with the patient’s fragile state and suggestibility) soon lulled the man into a deep trance. Moreover, according to legend, the clock on the wall was merely a figment of Erikson’s imagination.

[Though Erickson clearly instructed trainees never to lie to patients, he may have justified himself in this case by arguing that, had the man not secretly wished to be hypnotized: (a) he would not have chosen to consult a hypnotist and (b) the attempted hypnosis would not have worked.]

By the same token, you secretly want to be a Healing Mind. You’re looking for spiritual healing or else you wouldn’t be here. Since you are looking for a healing that works, I would like to provide you with some esoteric tools.

Now, this is something personal I want to share with you about my own personal healing; these are only two of the many tool I like to use.

First are emotional freedom techniques (EFT) by Gary Craig; they are a form of energy psychology. EFT literally taps into our higher gauge symmetry through the energy meridians and astral bodies. I’ve already mentioned in a previous article, EFT vs. Ancient Keys, that EFT is a combination of qigong (e.g. Wild Goose Patting Qigong) and psionics like Jose Silva’s method of assumption which also “tunes” into feelings.

Gary Craig’s site has a free EFT Tutorial + Manual available for everyone to learn EFT. They also have videos of people going through the EFT process to solve problems in a few minutes. Most therapists would prefer to drag out problems for years, so it’s not that famous in the mainstream.

In conjunction with EFT, I like to use a book to help me along when I have difficulty phrasing or “Tuning in” exactly how I feel at a given moment. It’s called The 72 Names of God Meditation Book: Technology for the Soul by Yehuda Berg. This book is based in the Kabbalah, but you don’t have to be Kabbalist to use it. (It’s like spaghetti or pizza: You don’t have to be Italian to eat it.)

Yehuda painstakingly looked up the elemental for each of God’s Names to help us understand the meaning of each one. These elementals or angels are based on the Shemhamphorash, or the actual Name of God which represents the 72 levels of Heaven or Hell depending on which direction your life is going.

Each of the elementals has a different purpose like “Healing,” “Stop Fatal Attraction,” “Self Esteem,” “Thought into Action,” etc. I like to skip around in this book depending on which passages match my feelings at the time. In reality, we should all start at the lowest level of heaven at elemental 72 for “Spiritual Cleansing.” Here’s the passage written by Yehuda for this elemental (I want you to imagine doing your EFT tapping while saying these things):

No more cynicism.

I will not be jaded, nor give others attitude.

I will transform my life.

Dropping my ego, I will take the path of proactive transformation.

If sickness, heartache, financial woes or other problems arise,

I will work through them to connect to the Light,

making the job of transformation my own.

I concentrate on the sequence purifying iniquities from previous lives.

My spiritual slate is clean.

as I allow the Light to engulf my physical and spiritual realms.

Of course, you can accent the above passage with your own feelings about your attitude towards the outside world, what ravages you’ve experience, or blessings it should bring. This passage is Yehuda’s expression of thoughts and feelings concerning a specific angel, the number 72 elemental, “Moum.” Start with Yehuda’s, then apply your own.

“Moum” is derived from the Hebrew letters. The Hebrew letters are the sequence of which the above passage speaks. Consider it as spiritual EFT. We’re all spiritual beings anyway, intimately attached to physical bodies. When you concentrate on the sequence, you are literally calling upon an Angel of God for Guidance. “Moum” is there for your spiritual cleansing. There are 71 more, each with a different purpose to help you.

True, the Shemhamphorash is also used for calling upon demons that represent the complete opposite of what we want. All I can tell is – Don’t do that. It’s bad Ju-Ju. There are enough death metal bands doing that along with you-know-who-else. It’s time for us to call upon the angels too.

I should make special mention that this is still a form of EFT when you are tapping and tuning in according to how you feel, but it’s higher order since you’re calling upon God’s Elementals for Guidance. Shotgun EFT as it is practiced worldwide is good for the primitive mind; the primitive mind is where most ailments originate. That’s why it’s good.

Tapping into your higher gauge symmetry to tune in God’s Angels is even better; that’s where we should be. That’s where our true spiritual healing originates.

Thanks for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo (HealingMindN)

P.S. There are two other works I should recommend: The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace is an excellent book by Steward Swerdlow that helps us tune into other people radionically, psionically, and through dream symbols for a healing connection. This book will also accent your understanding of the Hebrew Sequences in terms of dream symbols.

Gerald O’Donnell’s course on remote viewing and remote influencing further helps you to affect and see healing changes in the world around you through an esoteric course of psychic discipline as utilised by western European Intelligence Agencies. Gerald thinks like me. If you like me. You like him.

Thanks again for your time

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