Sexuality and Higher Consciousness

The article on Sexual Intercourse Is Like Meditation may be a puzzle for most people.

That is, it’s a puzzler for most people in western society where sexuality is considered a “hush-hush” subject.

If you’ve visited my site at Sexual HealingMindN, you saw that the Taoist and Hindu perspectives on sex are very similar. In that fold, I would like to help clarify a few points in that article.

I believe most of you understand that part about going beyond a point where it becomes perversion. Decadent western culture does go beyond that point where sexuality is a perversion. So-called “religious conservatives” consider anything attached to sexuality as sinful exactly because decadent western cultures goes beyond that point into perversion.

The author’s point is that we should attach our higher consciousness of intention to coupling. The main objective should be spiritual closeness between man, woman, and the grand order of the world around them. Unity between man and woman should be unity with higher consciousness. Unity with higher consciousness leads to enhanced mental acuity. This higher order unity also allows man and woman in love to shape the characteristics and destiny of their offspring.

The orgasm function is universal as indicated by Wilhelm Reich. The formula can be found in every living thing from cell mitosis to the formation of tornadoes, galaxies, and beyond. The formula is:

Tension > Charge > Discharge > Release

This is a very simple concept that my own biology teacher from high school could not describe in proper scientific terms. Her description that she wanted her students to remember was “good, good feeling…”

In fact, this formula is key to creation in the universe. Everyone from astrophysicists to microbiologists will tell you that these are the actions of creation. The orgasm function is integral to universal order.

Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing provides a sample audio download which instructs us on our inherent ability to shape our offspring through higher consciousness during coitus. The audio is called “RI Manifestation.”

According to Gerald, this is a secret method that’s been handed down for generations. We focus on the best characteristics we want to see in our child during conception. The orgasm function is the carrier for these intentions.

A more detailed method is employed by the Kabbalists in their esoteric practicies when they focus on the toes during coitus. Each toe represents a characteristic of the elementals or “Sefirah” on the Tree of Life. By employing the higher consciousness of human intention during coupling, they are tapping into the higher gauge symmetry of human spirituality which is directly connected with universal order, an expression of The Universal Mind of God.

Isn’t that good news? Two people in love can tap into the universal order or “the matrix” during their most intimate expression of love to give their child a life based in love. This is something we all need.

Thanks for your time,

Randolph, HealingMindN

P.S. Download all 8 sample audios from ARVARI to learn even more.

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