A brain case for energy psychology and EFT

I recall reading this one article at Gary Craig’s site on emotional freedom techniques: “Working with trauma – the connection between EFT and the Amygdula.”

At the time, I did’t think much of it because my precepts of EFT rely on tapping into higher gauge symmetry as theorized by Dr. William Tiller on the energy meridians. Then I found this article written a little more than a year ago that seems to add more weight to the issue of relaxing the amygdula: “Brain Scans Reveal Why Meditation Works.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Brain scans show that putting negative emotions into words calms the brain’s emotion center. That could explain meditation’s purported emotional benefits, because people who meditate often label their negative emotions in an effort to “let them go.”

Psychologists have long believed that people who talk about their feelings have more control over them, but they don’t know why it works…

..When the participants chose labels for the negative emotions, activity in the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex region—an area associated with thinking in words about emotional experiences—became more active, whereas activity in the amygdala, a brain region involved in emotional processing, was calmed.

By contrast, when the subjects picked appropriate names for the faces, the brain scans revealed none of these changes—indicating that only emotional labeling makes a difference… (Interesting!)

In that article by Nikki Ball, Working with trauma…, she suggests applying the senses to further focus on and enhance the emotional experience. This makes perfect sense because the brain utilises holographic memory in its synaptic pathways. (Ref: Nature’s Mind, the Quantum Hologram)

That holographic memory contains every part of that sensual experience which is inextricably attached to the emotional experience. By the same token, it seems that the amygdula is some sort of release valve or capacitor for emotional tension and that dealing with emotional tension through introspective communication is vital to the balance of neural activity, therefore health in general.

No wonder chicks like EFT. They know it works.

In an EFT session, we focus on problems and issues that we are experiencing now by tapping on key shotgun points on the energy meridians while expressing and focusing upon the negative issues. When we express these negative issues, we do our best to “tune” into the problem as exactly as possible, so we talk out the negative emotions and all the sensual experiences attached to those emotions to further enhance and clarify the experience.

According to the article, Brain Scans Reveal Why Meditation Works, this is obviously what we need as an emotional pressure release. This is why women like to talk out their problems. And you know what? They’re right. For millenia, they’ve been hitting the problem on the head, but most men aren’t into that. I guess that’s why we’re such troublemakers.

So, maybe you guys want to try EFT, for the ladies if not for yourself. It’s not that silly and noone is asking you to make a video of yourself doing it or put yourself on public display. Just do it to take care of your problems – get them out of the way and have yourself a wonderful life.

If you’re a more spiritual type, you can apply God’s Names in your EFT practice. I have a post on Spiritual Healing which utilises the 72 Names of God in tandem with EFT. Yehuda Berg’s The 72 Names of God Meditation Book: Technology for the Soul is rife with all sorts of intense emotional situations that applies to anyone experiencing difficulties. What better starting point for spiritual types who want to be happy by calling upon God’s Angels?

If you would like to get into EFT, you will send that Gary Craig has made a myriad of tools freely available to everyone:

Watch the new EFT video

P.S. Mainstream medical practitioners dismiss EFT with a vengence. EFT cures problems in a few minutes as opposed to the life time “treatments” of mainstream medicine.

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