Mind Control Paradigm vs. Self Discipline

Stewart Swerdlow – History of Mind Control

Mind Control: “The ability of a person or thing to have manipulative ability over another.”

Programming: “Imprinting or compartmentalization of a person’s thought process or mind pattern for specific purposes.”

“Both are life long processes…”

Example: Commercial imprinting where the same TV commercial is shown three times in a row within a short period to imprint the message on the viewers.

This is a lecture that Stewart Swerdlow provided a few years ago. I plan on bringing up a few key points in this lecture.

Whenever I use the term “mind control,” most people think that I’m out to control someone else. Actually, I’m talking about the mind control you have over yourself for your own self discipline.

Before I discovered the works of Stewart Swerdlow, I was into martial arts mind control which is all about self discipline. The works of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming are my favorite, but when I was a teen, I found The mind in the martial arts: A key to winning by Thomas Nardi.

The mind in the martial arts trains self discipline and mind control for getting ahead in your martial arts training, but anyone can see how the methods provided by Nardi can be applied to any other walk of life.

The mind in the martial arts: A key to winning teaches you how to program yourself and imprint your mind with useful affirmations. For example, right before you go to sleep and the moment you wake up, you give yourself a simple suggestion. You can tell yourself, “I enjoy learning the double axe handle kick because I’m getting better all the time.”

By the same token, if you’re a student of calculus, for example, but you’re having trouble with understanding certain principles, you can go to bed and wake up with the affirmation, “I enjoy learning integrals because I benefit from the knowledge.” Nardi also provides the necessary breathing techniques to help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

I would go as far as to say that The mind in the martial arts even teaches remote viewing. In a fight situation, it helps to have the widest possible perspective of your situation for the best advantage. Nardi has you meditate on putting your consciousness outside of a situation, so you can observe objectively.

Nardi has you train, so you can actually see yourself, your opponent, and your environment, so you know all of your options in a fight situation. Imagine yourself right now seeing yourself from the outside as you read this. Pretend you can see yourself from a video camera as it revolves around you. at different angles. Then imagine that camera pointing at other places in your right outside of your vision, but you can see these places clearly in your mind’s eye.

This type of training is akin to remote viewing which I believe the most disciplined martial artists are capable of doing – if not already.

This is not to side step Stewart Swerdlow’s lecture. Yes, he’s right on the money about mind control programming from outside. This is why it’s so important to practice mind control from the inside to prevent any kind of ignominious influence from the outside. The most self disciplined people are the ones least likely to fall prey to mind control programming.

Swerdlow is not here just to scare us. He also provides all the tools necessary to stop and prevent negative influences. The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace is my favorite because the methodologies are about remote healing. Remote healing is about creating positive results in your environment, so you’re more in control of your environment.

People fear “mind control” because they fear their own lack of control over their own lives. Self disciplined people have no such fear. Self disciplined people have confidence in their abilities and their control over their own lives. Some people are “supernatural” in their self control. This is who I want you to be.

I’m not here to raise hell about “mind control” or the illuminati. I’m here to tell you to be your own person and be confident in yourself through your own self discipline. I’ve opened the door to the resources. You need only take advantage of them.

Thanks for your time and Happy Thanksgiving,

Randolph Directo, HealingMindN

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