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Get your personal copy of “Rex / Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course.” This course not only rivals the best NLP/Persuasion courses out there, it ties them together through a series of lessons and exercises.

First, have you ever wondered exactly what NLP is? Between you and me, we know it stands for neurolinguistic programming, but what does that mean?

In terms of self improvement, NLP is a method for modeling excellence. For example, instead of asking yourself a negative question like, “Why am I so lazy?” You ask yourself, “How can I share goodness with the world – from my sofa?”

In essence, NLP is the study of subjective experience and is a system of modeling. As a practitioner of NLP, you study and model the behaviors of people.

What I find most interesting about this NLP home study course is a direct correlation to “push hands” training in Tai Chi Chuan. “Push hands” is the method of training that helps you predict your opponent’s actions through “listening” through your kinesthetic senses or feeling.

The lessons provided in this NLP course do exactly that, but the “listening” is through your eyes, ears, and the rest of your senses other than touch. If anything, this NLP home study course is the missing component from a martial arts class that mainly depends on your kinesthetic senses.

Imagine being able to predict a round house or a double axe handle from any particular direction just by “listening” to your opponent? In that sense, this course is a perfect adjunct to martial arts practioners.

For example, the calibration questions are like, “do you have 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth?” Instead, you can ask, “Are you going to sweep my ankle? Which foot?” “Are you going for a backhand thrust? Which hand?” etc.

On the other hand, imagine the rapport you gain with your spouse, your family, your friends, your boss when you can really predict how they feel, rather than simply generalize and assume, which is what most people do. Then act on those true feelings accordingly…

Of course, your spouse is most important when training these NLP exercises. With whom do you want the best rapport? And who can you depend upon because he or she also wants to benefit from greater rapport with others? Your spouse, of course.

By gaining greater understanding of the people around us, there is so much less conflict and so much more prolific action.

As long as you’re a good person, the ultimate goal of NLP is getting others to empathize towards you, so you can work together towards the shared goal of sharing goodness with the world and creating more opportunities for love, light, compassion and productivity.

The question remains: How do you share goodness with the world? How do you create more opportunities for love, light, and compassion?

At this point, maybe you think I want to sell this course to you. Actually, my goal is to share goodness, so I want to give it to you. But I do need something from you in return – and I’m only making this offer to Way of the MindGate Subscribers.

I would like to grow the subscribership to Way of the MindGate Newsletter, so I can have more opportunities to learn from like minds such as yours. I would like to give away more reports with the knowledge that I’m getting this information into the right hands.

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Randolph Fabian Directo
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