Give Away: Cult Recruitment Tactics on the Web

Get your personal copy of “RUNNING HEAD: RECRUITMENT TECHNIQUES OF CULTS ON THE WEB, A Comparative Study of Persuasion and Recruitment Techniques Exhibited by Organized Groups on the Internet.” by Maria Kjaerland, M.Sc, Laurence Alison, PhD Department of Psychology, University of Liverpool & Samantha Lundrigan, P.hD Department of Criminology, Victoria University of Wellington. This paper […]

Brainwave Entrainment Self Improvement Special

As you listen to your brainwaves will be entrained into your choice of brainwave entrainments and have you mentally fine tuned for success.If you have ever dreamed of realizing your full potential and receiving all the benefits that will help you to quickly and easily unleash your mental powers and achieve your dreams. Listening to […]