How Positive Control is Good for Your Life

Stress disrupts human thinking, but the brain can bounce back January 28, 2009 A new neuroimaging study on stressed-out students suggests that male humans, like male rats, don’t do their most agile thinking under stress. The findings, published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that 20 male M.D. candidates […]

Which 500 people will Save Our Economy?

If you’re feeling the pinch of a “struggling economy,” here’s something that can completely transform your experience. Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing has just put the finishing touches on his new “Save Our Economy” package. Alan has created 9 excellent products during the last 6 years, and he’s celebrating the fact he’s been online that […]

fMRI Neuroscience Advances in Mind Reading Scans

According to Dr. Marcel Just from neuroscience dept. of Carnegie Mellon University, in a matter of three to five years, neuroscience research into how we think and what we’re thinking (thought identification) will allow mobile mind reading using portable equipment. For now, here is a video on how functional magnetic resonance imaging combined with computer […]

Gift of Spirit and Emotional Guidance for Valentines

  Vol. 2 Films Happenstance (Feature Film – Domestic): This lyrical French film starring Audrey Tatou, revels in the wonderfully random nature of life and the meaning that “coincidentally” finds its way through. Bab’Aziz (Feature Film – International): Bab’Aziz is a blind Sufi dervish who embarks with his granddaughter, Ishtar, on a journey to find […]

Guilt & Depression: Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge

Psychoneuroimmunology, Laughter as Medicine Research scientists have spent considerable time investigating the effects of laughter. They have found that laughter can help patients recover from illnesses because it tends to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels, and recharges the body’s immune system. Laughter is also known to release a body’s natural painkilling substances to […]

Mainstream: The Healing Mind in Health Practice

Thorhallsson: Mindfulness and Equilibrium New brain scanning capabilities assists researchers to map the human brain. Thinking and emotion can be mapped in specific areas of the brain. This is known as “neuroimaging.” Through neuroimaging, researchers have been able to provide neural evidence that mindfulness seems to produce a variety of health benefits. Mindfulness is an […]

Neuroprogrammer: Brainwave Entrainment, hypnosis, NLP

In a 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D worked with 8 struggling college students. After undergoing audio-visual brainwave stimulation, the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA. In a separate study, Psychologist Michael Joyce used brainwave entrainment with a group of 30 children. After a short period of treatment, he observed improvements in […]

Spiritual Cinema Circle: SWING INTO 2009

Vol. 1 Films Swing (Feature Film): This fun feature film starring Jacqueline Bisset, Jonathan Winters, Tom Skerritt and Nel Carter, will get your heart pumping with the music and moves of swing dance.   Tanghi Argentini (Short Film): Andre is not one for asserting himself- but an upcoming blind date at a tango club forces […]